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Sectarian killings in Gilgit Baltistan

Published Apr 11, 2012 12:05am


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THE killing of about 15 passengers of the Shia community, after they were taken off the buses in the Chilas area, Diamer district, is a gruesome act of violence.

The trail of sectarian unrest dates back to the radical Islamisation policies of former military dictator Gen Zia. The sectarian monster is raising its ugly head in the country.

In Gilgit Batistan this menace emerged after the 1980s when fanatics from tribal areas, Kohistan and Diamer attacked Gilgit.

The planned and organised settlement of non-locals from tribal areas, Kohistan, Kashmir and some parts of Punjab further deteriorated the situation.

It totally changed the demography of the locals. In the 1990s the ratio of locals to non-locals was 4:1 but now it has been raised to 4:3.

The consecutive trail of untoward incidents and growth of unrest in GB shows that sectarianism is officially being promoted as a calibrated policy to keep people engaged in trivial issues.

Keeping in mind the sensitivity and geographical importance of GB, the divide and rule policy must be shunned, as India already claims that GB is its integral part. GB might be the second Balochistan if the grievances of this region are not entertained.



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Comments (7) Closed

Shahzad Apr 11, 2012 11:43pm
I'm completely in agreement with the writer. The government as usual sleeping on this issue and our courts role to punish these culprits is disappointing. It's a matter of unfortunate reality that, our so called honorable courts are releasing these terrorist due to lack of evidence (or lack of interest as they cannot stand threats from terrorist groups). The whole nation is highjacked by a small group of terrorists who are running the agendas of ani-Pakistan agents. Where our law and intelligence agencies performance has disappointed the entire nation to stop them.
murtaza Apr 13, 2012 06:33pm
this is a shame people killing people. such acts must be condemned in their totality. writer should be careful in his last sentence.
Sunil Apr 11, 2012 08:08pm
Very nice Abbas. I wish if everyone thinks like you, so there will be peace on this planet and human sufferings will be less. Bravo.
peace lover Apr 11, 2012 11:10am
This is very good analysis, unfortunately most of our media is not concentrating on this issue and their reports are biased most of the times.
Muhammad Khan Apr 11, 2012 12:54pm
The media is not in picture about the hardships faced by the residents of Gilgit due to shortage of food items and other basic necessity items. The areas like Nagaral, Majini Mohallah and Khomer are without water for last five days. Large numbers of patients are suffering in hospitals due to unavailability of medical staff and drugs. Government is completely silent. It has forgotten the public. Most of causalities were occurred in Kohistan and Chilas. People of Gilgit city are suffering as curfew is only imposed in Gilgit and not in Chilas.
Abbas Apr 11, 2012 11:40am
Pakistan should be the perfect Islamic state, not the state of barbarianisim. Infact, we call ourselves Muslims, but we are not practicing muslims. 'Killing one Human is killing the humanity' is an order by the Holy Quran, but our so called muslims have neglected the true preeching of Islam, and look what they are presenting the model state to rest of the world, what massege they are giving. If such atrocities are not addressed, then no one will be able to stop making Pakistan a next Somalia. We know the differences, but we dont know the common things. External forces specially the middle eastern contries are supporting and engaging these extreme factors away from their countries so that their countries remain peaceful, and their garbage down to Pakistan, just to keep their Monarchy intact. And the true message of Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran is just peace, as its the meaning of word 'Islam'. I wish our molvis preech something peace as well.
Humanity May 11, 2012 11:03am
Nothing is above humanity......... stop killing in the Name of Religion.....Religion is made for Humanity .........