I AM a student of the University of Karachi, which is plagued by a big nuisance. Various political parties have their members in students unions or rather one should say militant student wings on the campus. These groups fight with each other, spoiling the academic atmosphere and spreading fear among students who want to study. We go to university to learn and seek knowledge but often feel depressed and fearful because of clashes between these student groups. As a result, serious students do not go to university regularly and miss classes. It affects our studies and we are unable to perform well at examinations. There should be no politics at educational institutes. I believe it is one of the biggest reasons that we are not united and things are deteriorating in Pakistan.

Many students join student wings of political parties, forgetting that they are at universities for their future not to fight with their university mates. The university administration should be make rules against violence by student unions and implement them in letter and in spirit. We need peaceful atmosphere for learning.



A velvet glove

A velvet glove

The general didn’t have an easy task when he took over, but in retrospect, he managed it rather well.


Updated 24 May, 2022

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