A screen shot of the home page of one of the hacked government websites, taken at 13:40, Nov 30.

KARACHI: The government started securing the attacked websites on Tuesday, shortly after a group of hackers calling themselves the ‘Indian Cyber Army’ gained root access to a main server hosting important Pakistani government websites.

In an email sent to media outlets earlier, the hackers’ group claimed to have gained root access to the server hosting the websites.

Meanwhile, a report said the government’s experts claimed the cyber attack had been successfully thwarted.

The group managed to hack at least 36 out of the 40 websites which are reportedly being hosted on the hacked server.

The hackers had inserted a page on the websites declaring that they had successfully rooted the server. The websites had not been entirely defaced.

The hacking attempt appears to be associated with the Mumbai attacks.

Details pertaining to the group behind the attack are not clear. Dawn.com is investigating the matter.