Tent villages to be wound up

April 06, 2007


MANSEHRA, April 5: The NWFP government has finalised a plan to wind up all the tent villages in quake-affected areas by the end of the current month and announced a package for return of the displaced families to their areas.

Mansehra District Coordinator Officer Munir Azam told reporters here on Thursday that the government had decided to wind up all the tent villages, adding that a relief package comprising food for two months, transportation and 28 CGI sheets would be offered to each family.

He said three tent villages at Sirren, Kashtara and Jaba were accommodating 1,055 such families in the area.

He said repatriation of the 572 displaced families from the tent village at Jaba, 350 from Kashtara and 133 from Sirin had started and the programme would continue till the end of April.

In reply to a question about traders’ protest and strike in Balakot, he said a delegation of the Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority would visit the town soon to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, the Care International Pakistan (CIP), a non-government organisation, handed over three truckloads of CGI sheets for the displaced families to the district administration here on Thursday.