11 arrested in ISI officials’ murder case

March 31, 2007


KHAR, March 30: Political authorities detained 11 people on suspicion of their involvement in the killing of four people, including two ISI officials, officials said on Friday.

Assistant Political Agent Arshad Navid told journalists that the suspects were arrested during a crackdown launched after the killing of ISI officers Major Hamza (Mohammad Sadiq) and Subedar Saeedur Rehman.

The detained people were handed over to an investigation team for interrogation.

He said that the hunt for the killers would continue and added that the tribesmen were cooperating with the authorities to find the culprits.

He said that the crackdown would be extended to other parts of the agency.

The attack on the ISI officers took place a day after the major tribes in the Bajaur tribal agency gave an undertaking to the authorities that they would cooperate with the administration to flush out suspected militants and foreigners from the agency.