DERA BUGTI, Aug 24: A jirga held at the Jinnah Stadium here on Thursday unanimously announced to end the Sardari system in the Bugti tribe. The ‘Bugti Qaumi Jirga’ praised efforts of the government for development of Balochistan and thanked the president for “freeing the people of the area from atrocities of the former tribal chief”.

The jirga, attended by thousands of people from the Bugti tribe, assured the government of its support.

In a resolution, the jirga reiterated its loyalty to Pakistan and made it clear that any conspiracy against the country would be foiled.

“Today, we announce bringing an end to the ‘Nawabi’ system and now laws of Pakistan would be followed here,” said another resolution.

The jirga also urged Marri and other tribes to hand over Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and his supporters to the Bugtis to decide their fate in accordance with tribal traditions.

It called for confiscating the property of Akbar Bugti and distributing it among those who had suffered his excesses. It said the private jail of Akbar Bugti should be demolished.

The jirga approved the formation of a jury council which would investigate excesses committed by Akbar Bugti.

A conciliation committee at the district level was also set up, which would resolve feuds and financial disputes among Bugti tribesmen. Its sub-committees will be formed at tehsil and union council levels.

The jirga also announced a ceasefire among the tribes.

Another resolution said that elements disturbing law and order in Dera Bugti would be dealt with sternly.

The jirga invited President Gen Musharraf, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Mohammad Yousaf to visit Dera Bugti.

It announced to end the ‘Lub’ system in accordance with a decision of the Bugti Ulema Council. From now on, no Maulvi will solemnise the Nikah of a woman given in ‘Wani’, or a woman who is sold. In case of violation, the person concerned will be fined Rs100,000.

It also announced an end to the ‘Phori’ system (a form of tax) and said that those who received it would be punished.

The jirga called upon the government to start exploration of natural and mineral resources in the Dera Bugti district, which would improve the economic condition of the area and generate employment opportunities.

It asked tehsil and union council nazims to remove the district nazim, who had been got elected by Akbar Bugti, and elect a new nazim so that work on abandoned development projects could be resumed.—APP


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