SUKKUR, May 27: A jirga decided on Saturday that five girls belonging to two rival groups would be given in marriage to settle a karo-kari dispute.

The jirga was held in the Haji Kamal Magsi village by Mian Abdul Khaliq of Bharchoondi Sharif, PPP MNA Ijaz Bijarani and Thull taluka nazim Ghulam Akbar Banglani. Warring groups — one led by Hafiz Qamardin Banglani and the other by Yar Ali Banglani and Ahmed Nandwani — were present on the occasion.

The karo-kari dispute started when Miandad Banglani, younger brother of Qamardin, was killed about five years ago.

After listening to both the sides, the jirga announced its verdict. The group led by Yar Ali Banglani and Ahmed Nandwani will hand over four of its girls as well as Rs700,000 to the Qamardin group. Elders of the Qamardin group will choose men from within the group to whom the girls will be married.

Accordingly, the Qamardin group will hand over one girl and Rs135,000 to the rival group.