Movie review: Extinct

Published October 30, 2021

There are two kinds of animated movies — those that revolve around action, and those that are a mixture of adventure and comedy. Extinct falls in the latter category, since it is a complete package for both kids and parents alike.

The film displays the true power of friendship, highlights sibling rivalry and has a little of everything that makes you want to watch it again.

The protagonists of the movie are the adorable donut-shaped ‘flummels’, Op and Ed who are treated as outcasts in the year 1835, because of their accident-prone nature. However, it is that very nature that brings them to modern-day China, where they realise that they are not outcasts because they do not exist, hence the name of the movie.

To save their kind, they decide to go ‘back in time’, and are aided in their quest by a Pomeranian dog, Clarance, whose master has also mysteriously gone missing. Do they succeed in reviving their kind or do they make matters worse, this film takes you to the pros and cons of time travelling!

Like humans, Op and Ed are flawed. They argue and can react during heated moments. They have their fights, but eventually, the siblings patch up, in order to save their world and themselves.

Directed by David Silverman and co-directed by Raymond S. Persi, Extinct is like a time travel adventure for both the young and the old. Op and Ed’s performance is one of the highlights of the film for they steal the show with their antics and superb chemistry during the 90-minute movie.

Voice actors Rachel Bloom and Adam Devine continue to impress their fans as Op and Ed, whereas Marvel Cinematic Universe’s favourite Chinese, Benedict Wong, lends his voice for Dr Chung, the man behind the time travel. Ken Jeong, who last year gave his voice to Dynomutt in Scoob, is the voice behind Clarance, and pivotal to the saving the world. Film actress Catherine O’ Hara and Henry Winkler also make an appearance as VO actors and enrich the movie with their experience.

Regardless of its ‘unbelievable’ characters and a world where animals are as smart as people, Extinct is a family affair where every member ends up learning something new. It is also a smart way to learn about the history and definitely more entertaining than going through a boring book, for it takes you back in time, at your own convenience.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 30th, 2021



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