There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love PAW Patrol and those who don’t. Thankfully, the number of those who are in love with Ryder and his Pups has increased considerably in the last eight years, and that too in all parts of the world, enabling the Canadian product to go for the big screen.

If you don’t know PAW Patrol, then you must before you head into the theatre, for they are worth knowing. Presided by a pre-teen boy named Ryder, PAW Patrol is a team of pups, not dogs, who respond to disasters usually in their town Adventure Bay. Like they did in the TV series, the gang eventually saves the day, with their state-of-the-art gadgets and extremely cool vehicles.

The story of PAW Patrol: The Movie revolves around Chase, the leader of the pups. Usually clad in a police uniform, Chase manages to defeat his fears by going to the nearby Adventure City where Ryder saved him a long time back. How he defeats the ‘ghost of the past’ that returned to haunt the brave pup is what makes this movie interesting for the young audience.

The antagonist in the series is Mayor Humdinger, dubbed as ‘the worst mayor in the history of mayors’, and he is the person of interest in the movie as well for his clumsiness and bad mayorship.

As for the voice cast, Chase is voiced by Iain Armitage, the boy wonder who plays Young Sheldon Cooper in the TV series and replaces Justin Paul Kelly from the TV Series. Will Brisbin makes his debut as Ryder, which is usually voiced by Beckett Hipkiss. The very famous TV personalities Jimmy Kemmel and Kim Kardashian West join several cast members from the series namely Kingsley Marshall (Marshall), Keegan Hedley (Rubble), Shayle Simons (Zuma), Lilly Bartlam (Skye), and Ron Pardo (Mayor Humdinger).

And this movie also comes with a splashy new headquarters for the PAW Patrol team, as well as new vehicles and upgraded suits. By the end of the movie, we also manage to see a new member inducted into the team.

The movie has a lot of messages and examples for young kids. They learn to work as a team, are taught how to overcome their fears, help out their enemies in distress and always help others.

PAW Patrol: The Movie is fun for both parents and kids alike and lives up to the tagline ‘Paw Patrol is on a roll’.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 2nd, 2021



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