Reckless driving

17 Sep 2020


RASH driving by the drivers of public passenger vehicles is once again assuming menacing proportions. I am a senior citizen who has suffered painful injuries because of one such incident.

Recently I was travelling to my office on a passenger coach running on the Mashriq route. The driver of the vehicle was driving in a very dangerous manner because he was racing with two other vehicles of the same route.

The coach barely stopped at the place where I was to disembark and I fell to the ground, badly hurting myself especially in both knees.

Some good Samaritans stopped and the driver of one car offered to take me to a hospital. I requested him to drop me at my office which was nearby and where I would be taken care of. I am in debt to this kind citizen.

I urge the traffic police to ensure that public transport vehicles are driven with utmost care as the people of Karachi know well what havoc was wreaked on the city after the Bushra Zaidi traffic accident. The matter needs to be dealt with urgently because as a regular commuter I can say with authority that public transport drivers have become rasher in recent weeks.

Rubina Pinto

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2020