MULTAN: Mr Nurul Amin, President of Pakistan Democratic Party, today [March 27] said that the ideological and geographical frontiers of Pakistan were being attacked “by both internal and external elements” and urged the people to forge unity to defeat these forces.

Addressing a public meeting at Qasim Bagh Stadium here this afternoon, Mr Nurul Amin said it was easier to win independence as compared to the trying task of maintaining it. At present our independence is being jeopardised by forces from outside who were conspiring to tear the country into pieces with the help of certain elements within Pakistan.

Mr Nurul Amin expressed some doubt regarding the coming election and remarked that if the present Government was “sincere in its promise to transfer power to the people, then it must make a serious effort to create an atmosphere conducive to holding elections in a peaceful manner”. It is the duty of the Government to maintain law and order in the country without which elections would be meaningless.

He condemned threats of “gherao”, burning of factories and destroying property and added that the people responsible for these slogans were doing no service to the country.

Published in Dawn, March 28th, 2020