Hafeez fired up for upcoming Bangladesh T20I tour

January 17, 2020


All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez at a press conference in Lahore. — DawnNewsTv
All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez at a press conference in Lahore. — DawnNewsTv

All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez said that he is looking forward to contributing to the Pakistan cricket team as a batsmen in the upcoming Twenty20 International matches against Bangladesh.

Speaking to reporters in Lahore on Friday, Hafeez said that his plan for the moment is to play world T20 cricket matches and eventually exit from international cricket with a bang.

"That is my plan but let's see how it goes," the veteran said.

"Playing for Pakistan is always an honour. I'm looking forward to, in my humble capacity, to add value to this team.

"As a sportsman, you have to deal with different scenarios which can take you in different directions. But I have always kept myself positive and have played all training matches with a positive attitude."

He added that he was the highest scorer for the past two T20 series he played as well as being the man-of-the-match and the man-of-the-series.

When asked if he felt pressure on making his "comeback" on home ground, Hafeez said: "I guess its a comeback if your're calling it one."

"Playing in front of a home crowd is a huge honour. We have been deprived of this honour for the past many, many years and had not had an opportunity to taste this unique thrill."

"I welcome the Bangladesh team to Pakistan and hope that cricket lovers will be drawn to the stadium and will grace us with their presence.

"Winning is the thing that gives a captain his confidence. Babar Azam is now our captain and is an outstanding player and a human being. It is now on us to win so that we can give [him] confidence.

"It is very important that you share your experiences. I am not the type of person to intrude on another person's domain. But if everyone seeks my advice or guidance, I am available.

When asked whether Hafeez was angered over the selections for the Pakistan Super League, he responded: "Not really. At the end of the day, its the franchises domain and they know better to whom they have to give this responsibility to."

"For me, being a part of the team is the most important thing. I will always want that whichever team I am playing for wins, and will do my best to contribute towards that. That is more important than any other thing," Hafeez concluded.