PCB unperturbed by BCCI's attempt to isolate Pakistan in ICC

Updated 23 Feb 2019


A PCB source says BCCI's letter to the ICC lacks substance. — File
A PCB source says BCCI's letter to the ICC lacks substance. — File

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) remains unfazed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) latest attempt to turn the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other cricketing nations against Pakistan, which came to the limelight following an email sent by the Indian board to the sport's governing body.

In the aftermath of last week's Pulwama incident, the BCCI has been urged by Indian cricket fans to either boycott their World Cup 2019 fixture with Pakistan or even seek a complete ban on the Men in Green from participating in the big tournament. Both attempts have been shot down.

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BCCI chief executive Rahul Johri today wrote to ICC chief executive Dave Richardson and chairman Shashank Manohar to bring the Pulwama incident to ICC's notice, and reiterated that the attack was carried out by an "outfit based in Pakistan" — an allegation that has been vehemently and repeatedly denied.

The BCCI, in its email to ICC officials, urged "the cricket community to sever ties with countries from which terrorism emanates".

Furthermore, the Indian board expressed "its concerns over the safety and security" of its players, fans and match officials "in the buildup to the blockbuster June 16 World Cup match between the two nations in Manchester."

The fears for fans' safety came amidst wide-spread incidents of mob violence and hate crimes against innocent Kashmiris in various parts of India.

Responding to the contents of Johri's email, a source within the PCB told DawnNewsTV said that the board remains unperturbed as the BCCI has written to the ICC without any evidence.

"The Indian board's claim and email will not make any difference," the source said. "The BCCI is just one of 15 members on the ICC's executive board. It alone cannot do anything. An allegation without any evidence is insignificant.

"India will face embarrassment in the ICC, just like it did in the shooting world cup."