Investors Lounge, one of Pakistan’s leading financial markets analytics providers, emerged as the winner in the 'Banking, Insurance and Financial' category at the annual P@SHA ICT Awards 2018.

The startup was recognised for its business performance, industry expertise and quality of clientele within three years of inception.

Investors Lounge generates insights for institutions that invest in the stock market. The portal helps investment managers take better decisions and enables them to generate profits for their clients with the help of data visualisation tools.

Some of the clients working with the startup include Tundra Fonder, BMA Funds, JS Global, The News International, Artistic Group, Vector Securities and Shajar Capital.

Investors Lounge will now be representing Pakistan at the 18th Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (Apicta) Awards in China, competing with top companies from 17 countries in the region. The awards are scheduled to take place between October 9 and 13, 2018 in Guangzhou, China.

Website screenshot
Website screenshot

"This award is a testament to the evolution of the product, which is fast becoming a must-have for any institution that is invested in Pakistan’s stock market," Baqar Jafri, CEO of Investors Lounge, said on the occasion. "The demand for acquiring intelligent insights conveniently has never been greater, as smart institutions look to increase their chances of taking profitable decisions, faster."