What do you do when you're feeling "dejected and irrelevant"? If you're Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri, you leave for a 60-day visit to Turkey, Egypt, the UK and Denmark.

The party head had already announced that PAT will boycott the July 25 election to "avert becoming a part of the system that protects corruption and electoral rigging". BUT one can ask why not stay back (with the rest of us in this sweltering heat) and keep an eye on the elections from within Pakistan?

Well, according to party sources, he felt [too] dejected as none of the “promises” made to him in the last few months were kept. He was also made to feel "irrelevant" as his brand of accountability, electoral reforms, Model Town justice were not taken to the logical conclusion by those who promised them in the first place.

However, he does plan to come back — just when the elections have already been held and the governments are already in place, and "assess the political situation once again”.

We're sorry but if you can't be a part of the political process — or even in the country during its most crucial phase — are you really in a position to 'assess' when everything has already been said and done?