Constituency visits and engagement are important for candidates before a general election. So what do politicians do if their votebank asks tough questions?

Chief of the Leghari tribe in DG Khan, PML-N's former MPA Jamal Khan didn't know what was coming when he visited his constituency this week.

Residents gathered around the former lawmaker and 2018 hopeful, and one ardently asked: "Where have you been for the last five years?"

Jamal Khan did not answer the question (or any of the other questions the young man in the video asked) but instead said. "Do you know who has constructed this 45km road here?"

The young man didn't flinch, but asked the influential feudal once again if he has ever wondered why people in his area are so emotional and upset.

"You are showing so much attitude for your one mere vote?" Jamal Khan said in response, walking off as chaos ensued.

Props to this young man for holding the powerful to account.