Engineer Rehmatullah Kundi works on a ram water pump at Amluk Dara village in Swat. — Dawn
Engineer Rehmatullah Kundi works on a ram water pump at Amluk Dara village in Swat. — Dawn

MINGORA: The people from Swat’s high-altitude areas have demanded of the government to install the hydraulic ‘ram pumps’ for the supply of water from streams to their houses.

The demand comes in light of the installation of a water-powered pump in Amluk Dara village of Barikot tehsil here. Rehmatullah Kundi, an electrical engineer from DI Khan, who designed and developed the pump, said the mechanical device supplied water to houses located at high altitudes.

He told Dawn that the pump was powered by water and needed neither electricity nor any other fuel for operation.

The engineer said the pump was developed by using water hammer effect under which the slope was required to drop water downwards at a certain speed before being stopped suddenly and thus, causing a huge pressure.

DI Khan engineer develops device, seeks govt support

“The pressure developed in that manner is captured by a cylinder, which compresses it pushing water to a higher level by pipe,” he said. He said he had installed around 15 such pumps to supply water to houses in some hilly areas. “I’m working on the pump to improve it,” he said.

Mr Kundi said the provincial directorate of science and technology had given him some grant in 2013 helping him to make water pumps for testing but got nothing either from the government or nongovernmental organisations supported him.

“I asked many government and nongovernmental organisations for financial assistance but to no avail,” he said.

The engineer aid only the Pakistan Army supported him in the installation of water pump in some mountainous regions.

He said if the government supported him, he would make and install such pumps on a large scale in many far-flung areas. Khewagar Khan, a resident of Amluk Dara village, welcomed the installation of ram pump in his area.

“I and my family are happy to get water nonstop free of charge,” he said. Other villagers also demanded of the government to install ram pumps in their areas.

Mohammadullah of Bashigram area said there was no source of water near his area and therefore, people had to fetch water from an area located two kilometers away.

“We have neither electricity nor water sources in our village and therefore, women and children have to cover long distances on foot to fetch water from the stream. The ram pump is the best solution to our problem,” he said.

THREE KILLED: Three people were killed and 21 suffered injuries in two separate road accidents here on Monday.

The Manglaor police said a car and a motorcycle collided in Sangota area killing motorcyclists Hamidullah and Yasir of Charbagh on the spot.

The police registered a case against the car driver and began investigation.

Also in the day, a passenger died and 21 suffered injuries after a pick-up van overturned in the area.

The accident occurred after the driver lost control of the pick-up van while saving a pedestrian.

The local residents shifted the injured to the Kalam tehsil hospital and Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital, where Abdul Rehman succumbed to injuries.

The condition of the others was stated to be out of danger.

Published in Dawn, November 7th, 2017



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