Is the new Audi A5 worth the Rs 7.25 million pricetag?

Here's how the A5 fares against its sibling, the Rs 6.15 million worth A4.
Published September 19, 2017

Audi, after bringing their entry-level crossover, Q2 to Pakistan in May, launched the second iteration of A5 at a private event this month.

Coming in with a price tag of Rs 7.25 million, the A5 will slot right in between the A4 (Rs 6.15 million) and A6 (Rs 8 million) with a margin of around Rs 1 million spacing it apart on each bank.

Both A4 and A5 have, since their early days, shared the basics with one another. While the A4 line typically hosts more orthodox vehicular form factors, the A5 essentially remixes the basics by offering the Cabriolet, Coupé and Sportback versions of the A4 line.


The similarities between them extend far beyond the platform, as A5 borrows its drivetrain from the A4. Coming in with a 1.4-liter TFSI engine, it's capable of matching the power output of 150 horses.

The A5 claims to deliver 0-100km/h in 8.5 seconds.
The A5 claims to deliver 0-100km/h in 8.5 seconds.

As far as the performance is concerned, Audi claims the same 0-100km/h figure of 8.5 seconds for A5 as it does with A4. The claimed top speed and fuel consumption numbers of 210km/h and 20km/litre respectively, further reflect the spec-sheet of the Audi A4.

While the numbers don't seem to impress on paper, the 7-speed dual clutch S-Tronic transmission appears to trade the power deficit with snappier power delivery, similar to other cars offered by Audi in Pakistan.


Right off the bat, A5's roofline is something that stands out the most when put into the perspective of an A4.

The sleek character lines, frameless door pane, and an extended overall length further compliment the relatively lower roof of the A5 to add towards a four-door coupe look.

More so, the A5 uses its design to create an illusion of larger size over the A4 even though on paper the increase in footprint is fairly insignificant.

Speaking of the roof, the A5 provides an upgrade to the glass sunroof of A4, by coming standard with a panoramic roof. The roof stretches to the rear of the car where it meets its trademark characteristic, its electronic hatch. All of these primarily differentiate an A5 from the rest of Audi's line-up except for its larger sibling, the A7.

The luggage capacity of the A5 despite the Sportback remains similar to the A4 at a decent 480-liters. For added convenience, both the tailgate and the panoramic roof are controllable from the cabin.

Smart design makes the A5 look larger than the A4.
Smart design makes the A5 look larger than the A4.


Stepping inside, while the look, feel and fixtures replicate the ones found in the A4, ambient lighting package on the A5 helps distinguish the two. Cabin lighting on the A5 is linked to the car's MMI which allows for intuitive control through its infotainment system.

Going back to the more coupe-esque roofline, while Audi did manage to improve the headroom and passenger entry to the rear seats with this model. For a six-footer, the rear entrance and exit to some extent remain shy of being ideal as the roofline still cuts through the headroom at the back.


Popular colours include Brilliant Black, Ibis White and Florett Silver Metallic.
Popular colours include Brilliant Black, Ibis White and Florett Silver Metallic.

While our market is no stranger to a variety of form factors, a majority of the best sellers across multiple price points over the years have been 'sedans'. However as our industry diversifies to acknowledge emerging model lines, A5 with its not-so-familiar Sportback layout can be seen as one that could potentially tap into the higher tiers with a new rush of blood.

Moreover, since the familiar features, performance and practicality blur the line between A4 and A5, the buying decision for someone would primarily revolve around their inclination towards the design and form of A5.

This perhaps is the only card up its sleeve to justify the Rs 1 million increase in price over the A4.