KARACHI: The Dawn Media Group has been under cyber attacks for the past three months and a number of attempts have been made to hack and hijack its official social media accounts and the accounts of its staff, according to a statement issued by Dawn.com editor Jahanzaib Haque on Monday.

The Dawn group was making efforts to “fortify our digital security”, the statement said, but at the same time it expressed its determination to never condone the publication of content on any of its websites or social media accounts that violated the law and the code of ethics.

“Hate speech and content that is blasphemous, indecent, prohibited, illegal, or likely to arouse societal discord or disturb tranquility will not be tolerated,” the statement added.

Hackers and malicious groups attempt to damage reputations and stir up virulent and negative campaigns to serve their agenda, the statement said, recalling that Dawn had been a target of such online campaigns in the past, too.

The group sought its readers’ help in the “fight against hackers who are bent upon spreading fear, hatred and disinformation; who through their actions, are attacking our shared commitment to the progress of Pakistan”.

Published in Dawn, April 25th, 2017