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Electricity shortfall widens to 6,000MW

Updated Apr 18, 2017 07:37am


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ISLAMABAD: The electricity shortfall surged once again to about 6,000 megawatts on Monday as temperatures rose to 46-47 degrees Celsius in most of the southern region, resulting in unscheduled load shedding of 12-16 hours.

Reports from various parts of the country suggested 7-9 hours of load shedding in major urban centres and 10-18 hours in rural areas.

Officials in the Ministry of Water and Power said electricity demand reached close to 19,000MW on Monday while overall power supply was around 13,500MW, leaving a 5,500 MW gap that was filled through systematic closer of feeders to protect the system stability.

Sources in operation areas suggested the overall power generation was around 12,700MW, with an estimated shortfall of 6,300MW.

Around 10,000MW of electricity was actually reached the consumers, after accounting for 6-7 per cent transformational and transmission losses and 17-18pc of distribution losses, sources added.

The sources said it had become a Herculean job to stabilise power system with such a big gap. The field staff is left with no option but to exercise discretion depending on the ground situation at a given time, they added.

These closures become inevitable to avoid a complete breakdown in the system because of frequency mismatch, the sources explained.

They said it is unusual to see 47 degrees Celsius in Sibbi, Bhakkar, Rahimyar Khan and Khanpur while Dadu, Bahawalpur, Bhawalnagar, Larkana, Sukkur and Shorkot experienced 46 degree Celsius in April.

Comparatively, larger load centres like Multan, Faisalabad, Dera Ghazi Khan and Joccobabad witnessed 45 degree temperatures.

The sources said hydropower projects contributed a maximum of 2,000MW while public sector generation companies produced 2,700MW and independent power producers generated almost 8,000MW.

Officials said the next 10 days are very crucial because of increasing demand arising out of rising temperatures in big cities, minimum contribution from hydropower plants and closure of some units for scheduled maintenance.

A number of new and closed plants would start coming into the system, starting with 1,600-1,700MW pouring in from three plants within the next 10 days.

This includes 525MW from Nandipur, 315MW from Chashma Nuclear and an expected injection of 760MW from the under-construction Bhikki plant.

This will end the forced load shedding and the system would return to normal load management of 4-5 hours in urban and 6-8 hours in rural areas.

This would be followed with an addition of about 1,300MW from two units of Guddu and Sahiwal Power Plants in the first week of May. One unit of Haveli Bahadur Shah will add 380MW in July and another two units of the same plant as well as Sahiwal will add 1,040MW in August. Production from hydropower would also start going up.

In September and October, 760MW from Balloki and 1,460MW form Port Qasim, Bhikki would be added while a fourth unit on Haveli Bahadur would start flowing in December.

Published in Dawn, April 18th, 2017


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Comments (25) Closed

K Wanna Be Like pk Apr 18, 2017 07:48am

Problem is not shortfall. It's expensive bijlee

Javed Afghan Apr 18, 2017 08:08am

I thought Nawaz Sharif said load shedding problem is solved once and for all. Was that a lie or ... ?!?!?!?!???

Shahid Apr 18, 2017 08:09am

Funniest thing in it is that all plant closures for usual maintenance always occur in the peak months. One would like to ask, why do they not do this maintenance in February and March and get all your production units ready before the temperatures rise.

Deepak Apr 18, 2017 08:14am

India is finally having power surplus and I think Pakistan should think of buying this cheap extra power from India.

Sameer Apr 18, 2017 08:23am

When priority is filling pockets...

Cava Apr 18, 2017 08:37am

People need to show more patient, Govt is more signing more MOU with Chinese companies, That shows govt serious about the matter

Mohan Apr 18, 2017 08:46am

Go solar, that's the only long term solution for power and global warming. Environmental issues will be more relevant than the current animosity between us.

Sajjad kamran Apr 18, 2017 08:50am

Where are Government's claims to end loadshedding by this year or that year?

This loadshedding for upto 18 hours daily speaks volumes for Government's utter incompetence and lack of planning.

In any civilized country of the world, the government of the day would have been ousted. Here nothing would happen. Life would go on in as usual.

Unless the people have the will and the capacity to bring about a change in their lives, there would be no Divine help.

Pakistani Apr 18, 2017 09:30am

This is N-League for you people. Be careful when you are voting in next election.

Awan Apr 18, 2017 09:48am

In my region the loadshedding is reaching 12 hours a day. Mr Khawaja who is the Energy Minister has nothing to do with Energy. It is a shame that dozens of Electrical engineers has to report to a person who has no background in this field and is now running this ministry with no outlook whatsoever. He has failed pathetacally in planning anything as he has no former background in this field. The Murder of Merit is infact destroying everything in Pakistan. Kindly bring some professional and dismiss Mr Khwaja from this post. His only qualification is that he is a family friend of Nawaz Sharif. This nepotism must end to bring professionalism.

Alba Apr 18, 2017 09:50am

It is because of the heat.

gabbar is back Apr 18, 2017 09:53am

the government keeps on adding megawatts in advertisements along with load shedding . Mian brothers are the only scientists in the world who produce electricity through advertisements and banners.

suresh Apr 18, 2017 09:59am

why just wait it will become 26 hours per day :)

A.JABBAR KERALA Apr 18, 2017 10:02am

10 to 18 hours load shedding? How will industry and manufacture survive. I thought CPEC solved all problems.

AZAIN AHMED Apr 18, 2017 10:38am

looks like end of loadshedding becomes an unachieavable dream

Saad Apr 18, 2017 11:08am

Welcome into the new age of climate change. We should have saw this coming some two decades ago

Naeem sajjad Apr 18, 2017 11:10am

I was laughing at the expected normalization of electricity mentioned in the news.It seems as if everything is going to be fine within a few days.If it's so simple to add this much of electricity within a few days,why didn't govt put these projects in operation before the start of scorching summer. This is merely eyewash to pacify the enraged public.

Akram Apr 18, 2017 11:11am

The timeline of power projects sounds like a PML-N election broadcast

Abdul Apr 18, 2017 11:14am

Let CPEC complete once.. We will have surplus electricity to supply to other countries.

Saif Zulfiqar Apr 18, 2017 11:18am

What to expect from the corrupt governments of PML (N) and PPP.

Khalid latif Apr 18, 2017 11:28am

Sir, power sector has been a favourite and convenient source of plundering national wealth. If sufficient oil is purchased, there are more than required thermal power units to provide adequate electricity. Hydro electricity is, essentially, a bonus from water storage for irrigation. It is not considered a reliable or main source of power supply. It seems, the whole magic of plundering is between the fictitious oil companies from where the oil is allegedly purchased, its communication to Pakistan, then to the thermal power units. There is no oil involved here; only paper work. The thermal power units tamper the oil consumption and generation data on their machines. The money of this invisible oil vanishes, and there is no way to prove if the oil did reach Karachi and the thermal units. Perhaps, massive plundering (hence loadshedding) is due to limited time, before the Supreme Court decision on Panama case.

Khalid latif Apr 18, 2017 11:38am

Please mark these words. Load shedding will never end during the government's of the current politicians, no matter how many dams, thermal units, nuclear power plants or wind mill systems are installed. The possibility of huge corruption in this sector will remain the favourite field of operation for the leaders. More so, when it's so easy, convenient and fool proof. But it requires load shedding, because there is no oil to run the thermal units. If they are inspected, the thermal power generation units may show that the oil had been consumed and electricity produced and supplied. On papers and machine indicators.

M sohail Apr 18, 2017 05:05pm

as the priority is to make metro and orange trains not electricity

FAREED HUSSAIN Apr 18, 2017 06:05pm

good news for the Noon league who last election moto was to end loadshedding in 90 days and whose next elections are at stake on the claim the loadshedding will end in 2018

Akash Verma Apr 19, 2017 08:59am

@Abdul, I was waiting for that statement..!! Lol..!!