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‘Mother of all bombs’ caused damage in Kurram: residents

Updated Apr 16, 2017 11:24am


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PARACHINAR: The powerful non-nuclear bomb dubbed mother of all bombs (MOAB) which was dropped by the US on an area in Afghanistan on Thursday also left impact on this side of the border, damaging buildings in Kurram Agency, locals said.

Wide cracks appeared in several houses, a mosque and an Imambargah at Malana village in the foothills of Speen Ghar also known as White Mountain.

The snow-covered White Mountain serves as a natural barrier between the Afghan province of Nangarhar and the Kurram tribal region in Pakistan.

US officials claimed that MOAB targeted a base of the militant Islamic State group in Achin district which lies in the foothills of the White Mountain on the other side of the border.

According to latest reports, MOAB left at least 90 people dead and destroyed the IS infrastructure. Initially, the death toll was put at 36.

Residents at Malana village told Dawn they felt a tremor that shook their houses. “We felt light shocks, but did not realise it was because of a bomb,” said Muhammad Hassan, a resident of Malana.

He said that wide cracks had appeared in several houses and mosques in the area. It also caused slight damage to houses in the Zeran area. The US forces had carried out intense bombing in the Tora Bora area of the same Achin district after 9/11 attacks to dismantle what it claimed was a cave complex of Al Qaeda.

AFP adds: The unprecedented MOAB attack triggered global shockwaves, with some condemning the use of Afghanistan as what they called a testing ground for the weapon, and against a militant group that is not considered a threat as big as the resurgent Taliban.

“At least 92 Daesh (IS) fighters were killed in the bombing,” Achin district governor Esmail Shinwari told AFP on Saturday, adding that three tunnels that sheltered the insurgents had been destroyed.

Mr Shinwari said that American and Afghan ground forces were slowly advancing on the mountainous area, which is blanketed with landmines, to clear the site, but there are still some pockets of resistance from insurgents.

“New fighters have probably come from the other side of the border (Pakistan) to collect the dead bodies,” he added.

Published in Dawn, April 16th, 2017


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Comments (27) Closed

Mehmood Apr 16, 2017 01:08pm

Residents of damaged houses should claim compensation from ameraican embassy in Islamabad. They should file law suit against government of USA.

splash Apr 16, 2017 01:51pm

smaller percentage of wrong people leads to destruction of larger section of people.

Shaukat Ali Khan Apr 16, 2017 02:41pm

Government must ask US for compensation. If government fails to do that, the affectees must take US to the court.

timetostopthis Apr 16, 2017 03:19pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan Sure, try asking Trump for compensation and see what happens.

Iftikhar Husain Apr 16, 2017 04:18pm

Will this bomb eliminate the Taliban and IS group?

Safder Munir Nawaz Apr 16, 2017 04:19pm

Residents and owners of affected buildings and houses must lodge formal claim with USA diplomat in Islam Abad.Its the inherent rights GoP must fully support this move.After all ISIS is also brain child of USA and Saudi Arabia.

Mango man Apr 16, 2017 04:41pm

@Mehmood Who is going to pay for the law suit?

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 16, 2017 04:56pm

Apart from wide spread damage, devastation and destruction, what else can it do?

Rashid Apr 16, 2017 05:05pm

Just wait for the earth quakes too, this explosion certainly would have weakened the under ground geological formations triggering the cracks formation in the already fragile tectonic planes of the Hindukush releasing immense amount of stain energy.

timetostopthis Apr 16, 2017 05:23pm

@Iftikhar Husain Yes and hopefully their supporters too.

GIlgity in germany Apr 16, 2017 05:50pm

@Mehmood great idea .. is it possible ?

Hussain beg Apr 16, 2017 07:04pm

@Mehmood Problem is that most of the commentators do not know that Nobody can ever sue an embassy or its diplomatic staff, NEVER! And suing American government, no chance of winning any suit in American courts.

There is an option which residents of Kurram shall resort to, to claim damages, anguish and inconvenience from Pakistan government.

Sympathiser Apr 16, 2017 08:05pm

Because of the microscopic out lawed people, large number of innocents are paying with their lives and not to speak of the destruction of property ... This is exactly what is happening all over the world..

ObServer Apr 16, 2017 11:16pm

@Iftikhar Husain Yes, a part of it.

Sima ali Apr 17, 2017 01:19am

Good going USA.... Unfortunately there is collateral damage. Sympathies with those....But menace of radicalism should be with iron fist.

Saurabh Apr 17, 2017 02:28am

US propaganda is at work here. First we were told this bomb vaporizes everyone in its target area. Still they found 36 dead bodies. Now that number is increased to 90. It means some investigators went all around those mangled caves and counted the dead bodies. But they contradict that now saying the area is mined heavily and no one has gone there. And what kind of effect this half nuclear useless bomb has that there are still pockets of resistance there.

Khany Apr 17, 2017 03:41am

Goverment should ask the American Goverment for compensation of the damaged areas and cracked roads and houses, etc. it casused and announce it publicly to the media. Im sure Imran Khans PTI would have done it the vlean way.

ahaq Apr 17, 2017 04:10am

A clear picture of damages to civilians is being kept hidden

Nahrad Muni Apr 17, 2017 05:40am

Can't help it. Collateral damage..

Mehmood khan Apr 17, 2017 06:51am

US milittary did not eliminate the extremism in afghanistan except to test their highly explosive weapon,

Mehmood khan Apr 17, 2017 06:52am

US milittary did not eliminate the extremism in afghanistan except to test their highly explosive weapons.

sanjeev kumar Apr 17, 2017 04:49pm

it is really sad that the poor nations are among the worst sufferers of war like situations. Be it Syria, Afghanistan. Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc. The impoverished population is being subjected to constant threats and bombings. It is really a big question mark on ourselves being branded as human beings.

prabha Apr 17, 2017 05:04pm

@splash Yes, its just like a tumor or cancer!. Better get rid of this radical thinking! ASAP

thankyouwahala Apr 18, 2017 02:30am

@Mehmood didn't they already?

Tayyab Apr 18, 2017 12:40pm

File lawsuit against US Embassy to pay the damages to these people

AAhmed Apr 18, 2017 08:02pm

Dear @Sympathiser , it is almost impossible for "microscopial" outlaw to exist without active support of general population. It is not just they ignore their presence among them but they actually resonate the very ideology. So claiming they are reaping the fruit of someone else's sawing is not realistic. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Truth Apr 19, 2017 02:10pm

What do we people exactly want!

We keep complaining that the world is quiet on all the terrorist activities being held in Syria, Afghanistan and etc etc and when the world takes an action in eliminating the terrorist through bombs and drones then we start criticizing those actions.