The thought of food is always mouth-watering, no matter if its food for thought or not. Let’s be honest and admit that we live to eat. We are habitual to consuming buckets full of calories but when it comes to burning them, we brush it off by saying, “Okay, I know I’m growing obese, but food is my weakness!”

Wealth is spoiling our habits. We are proud to be lazybones! Why bother cooking meals at home when we can ‘afford’ scrumptious ‘fast’ food deliveries at home in just a few minutes?

Well, love isn’t indebted to reasons. We are die-hard foodies who dedicate every single penny to those meaty and cheesy mouthfuls!

But such indulgence in juicy and cheesy fast food isn’t so cool for our bodies as today nothing is organic, chemicals are ruling the kingdom of taste and the worst part is that food is being ‘created’ in laboratories with literally nothing natural.

A report on says: “The flavour industry is worth billions. Flavour engineers are paid big bucks to make sure you never know the difference between “natural flavours” and the real thing. Priority number one for the industry is to help the food companies make huge profits, not ensure health and safety.”

We are ruining our health by following the status quo and gulping down every delicacy laden with GMOs (genetically modified organism), MSG (monosodium glutamate), aspartame and saccharin. Little do we know that refined flour and sugar, microwave popcorns, (partially) hydrogenated vegetable oils, ‘soda pop’ — or cold drinks — and “salted, pickled or smoked” foods are feeding cancer in our bodies with utmost secrecy.

Today, such kitchens are history which kept everyone alive and lively due to the richness and grandeur of natural spices. Then every meal was homemade and organic — purely from nature. No doubt, the secret of our grandparents’ evergreen health even at the age of 93 years lies in it!

Alas, if Shakespeare was alive in the 21st century, he would have said deliberately: “To eat or not to eat, that’s the question.”

Before putting my pen down, I would love to spread pearls of hope your way: Have the courage to say ‘No’ to all the temptations of consuming sugar-coated poison. Make food your strength and never cease the quest for quality because quality is the essence of a healthy life! Choose healthy, live wealthy!

Published in Dawn, Young World March 25th, 2017



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