Nigar Johar becomes the third female major general in Pakistan’s history

Updated 14 Feb 2017


Major General Nigar Johar. -ISPR
Major General Nigar Johar. -ISPR

General Nigar Johar has become the third woman officer in the history of Pakistan Army to reach the rank of major general.

Gen Johar was among the 25 brigadiers who were recently promoted to the rank of major general. She belongs to the Army Medical Corps and has progressed over the years to reach this milestone.

The major general belongs to the Panjpir village in Swabi district. She is the daughter of Col Qadir, who served in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and is the niece of retired Maj Mohammad Aamir, a former Pakistan Army officer who served in the ISI as well. Both her parents died in a car accident 30 years ago.

Swabi has produced some noticeable male generals in the past but it is the first time that a woman has reached the status of such highly ranked army officer.

Recently, a woman became the first Pakistani female to be a part of the bomb disposal unit. Her example has led 11 others women to join the squad. Similarly, Johar could prove to be a role model for women in the army.

This article originally appeared on ProPakistani and has been reproduced with permission.