The president and vice president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce were elated after a sum of over Rs0.5 million stolen from their house was recovered by Lahore police within 24 hours, it emerged Monday.

Chinese citizen Robin, expressing his happiness, said he felt safe in Pakistan.

"From this case, our status is that now Pakistan is not a terrorist country... it is a safe country," he said.

He also presented a bouquet of flowers to Assistant Superintendent of Police Anoosh Masood at Defence Police Station.

"There was a robbery at the Chinese house, an FIR was lodged at night and within 24 hours the money was recovered," the ASP told DawnNews.

"We traced the culprits and made a full recovery in a technical manner," she said.

According to police, domestic employees of the officials were involved in the robbery and have been arrested.

Further investigation is underway and the accused will be presented in court once it is completed.