Veteran politician and former PTI lawmaker Javed Hashmi on Monday described the politics of sit-ins as disaster for Pakistan and alleged Imran Khan of being under the control of foreign powers, DawnNews reported.

Talking to media persons in Multan, Hashmi claimed that the “mere agenda of Imran Khan is to oust the Prime Minister through unconstitutional means”.

“Imran is deviating from his own statement that he would follow the rulings of Supreme Court on Panama issue,” said Hashmi.

The former PTI lawmaker claimed that “the party takes dictation from foreign powers”.

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Earlier, the former president of PTI had alleged that former Inter-Services Intelligence chief General Shuja Pasha was the brain behind PTI’s 126-day protest in Islamabad.

Hashmi had claimed that workers had been instructed to drag Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif out of his official residence, while Tahirul Qadri’s workers had been asked to ransack the Parliament with support from PTI.

He had also claimed that Imran Khan had been in regular contact with General Kayani and General Pasha during the protest movement.

Suspended by his party in September 2014 following allegations against Imran Khan, Hashmi had announced his resignation from PTI's presidency and its membership soon afterwards.

At that time Hashmi had said he could no longer continue being member of a party 'conspiring' to dismantle democracy in Pakistan.