8 majestic forts that capture Pakistan's rich heritage

If you're only wondering about glaciers and lush green fields then you're missing out some amazing historic architecture
Published February 6, 2016

Pakistan has several shades of beauty. And if you are only thinking glaciers and lush green fields, you are definitely missing out on some amazing historic architecture.

This week, we chose 'Forts of Pakistan' as our topic for #DawnWeeklyProject on Instagram and here are some of the best shots submitted to us:

1. Khaplu Fort has managed to impress us the most. An architectural marvel, it is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is a major tourist attraction.

2. Ramkot Fort is distinct among forts built in the Kashmir region due to its peculiar architecture.

3. The foundations of the ancient Baltit Fort in Hunza Valley date back 700 years!

Baltit Fort, Hunza Valley #AHGPhotography #DawnWeeklyProject #dawndotcom

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4. Origins of the grand Lahore Fort extend far into antiquity but the existing base structure was built during the Mughal era.


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Lahore Fort ,Lahore #dawnweeklyproject

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5. Standing proud in the midst of the Cholistan Desert, the Derawar Fort is a famed hallmark of Bahawalpur.

6. The Rawat Fort in Rawalpindi was built in early 16th century by the Gakhars, a designated warrior clan raised by local tribes to defend the plateau of Potohar.

7. It took eight years to built the Rohtas Fort, situated near the city of Jhelum. The fort has twelve different gates.

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8. Altit Fort, commonly known as the Shikari tower, is around 1100 years old, making it the oldest monument in Gilgit–Baltistan.

Altit Fort at Karimabd Hunza #dawnweeklyproject #Fort #Hunza #travelpakistan

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