Snow, dry fruit and bonfires: 12 pictures that define winter in Pakistan

From outdoor games to dry fruits, here's a glimpse of winter in the country.
Published January 28, 2016

Winter in Pakistan is not the same for everyone — some parts of the country experience a harsh season while others enjoy moderate temperatures. The excitement, however, is the same for people across the country, as many celebrate the season with hiking and camping trips and others staying indoors in cozy blankets.

Along the theme of the season, our topic for the #DawnWeeklyProject was 'Winter' and we chose pictures of some of the most stunning shots that capture glimpses of winter in Pakistan.

1. Frozen and buried under layers of snow, Lake Saiful Malook looks stunning in the winter.

2. A drive on the Karakoram Highway is a good way to enjoy the weather as well as the view.

3. Wouldn't winter be boring without dry fruit?

4. Sometimes all you need to make you happy is a walk down Murree's Mall Road when it's snowing.

5. Children love snow fights! And can we just say this picture made us totally nostalgic.

6. Here's a winter moment from the renowned Hunza valley, enveloped in the grand Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges.

7. Grab your friends for a bonfire this season...

8. Don't you wish you were here to experience Skardu's serene beauty?

9. The snow-covered Karakoram Highway heading towards Passu cones in Hunza.

10. A breathtaking view of the majestic Nanga Parbat from the Fairy Meadows.

11. An exceptionally beautiful morning in Hunza's Khunjerab National Park, also the world's highest altitude park.

12. Murree, another Pakistani tourist attraction that is also famous for Pine forests.

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