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Bill Gates (L) and PM Nawaz Sharif during a meeting in New York, Sept 26, 2015. – PM Office
Bill Gates (L) and PM Nawaz Sharif during a meeting in New York, Sept 26, 2015. – PM Office

NEW YORK: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met the chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, on Saturday in New York – where the latter lauded Pakistan's efforts to wipe out the crippling poliovirus from the country.

They discussed Pakistan's efforts in bringing about positive changes in the fields of education and health to provide better facilities to the common man.

The premier renewed his commitment to further focus on the improvement of health and education sectors, and said only 32 cases of polio had been recorded this year so far, as opposed to 396 cases in the preceding year.

Nawaz Sharif thanked and appreciated Bill Gates for his efforts to eradicate polio, and for pursuing other health and social projects in Pakistan.

In-depth: Lost — The battle against polio.

Comments (63) Closed

ratan mia Sep 26, 2015 09:44pm

Can he also invest in Microsoft /IT projects to create more Jobs?

pervaiz Sep 26, 2015 10:01pm

Thank you Bill gates for looking after the developing world.Your efforts are highly appreciated. You are a true humanist !

wickyoli Sep 26, 2015 10:04pm

Seems our PM has lot of free time at hand...what was the purpose of this meeting anyway ?

Bakhshi Kanth Sep 26, 2015 10:05pm

PM needs to do more. Where is the law to put people behind the bar for attacking health professionals. Also, what were the compensation to health provider staff who lost their lives for the cause of polio eradication.

Dr Vimal Sep 26, 2015 10:06pm

He knows the truth.

just_someone Sep 26, 2015 10:08pm

How has the new strategy of giving injections (that are needed only once, I think, correct me if Im wrong) working over the former, cheaper strategy of giving drops/

TANDi Sep 26, 2015 10:11pm

Pak deserves this appreciation.

Malik Sep 26, 2015 10:19pm

Good that he recognise our efforts and thanks to him for providing polio vaccination

sandeep Sep 26, 2015 10:21pm

Pakistan should adopt India's measures how it eradicated polio and now India is free from polio

Sachin Sep 26, 2015 10:47pm

congrats to Pakistan on this achievement. Best wishes from India

maverick Sep 26, 2015 10:58pm

Still not clear what was the agenda of the meeting!

Bannananana Sep 26, 2015 11:05pm

Thank you PMLn. Consolidating its electoral in Punjab

Gramscian Sep 26, 2015 11:10pm

Gates also praised NS for his efforts to reduce illiteracy through laptops and youth unemployment through Youth Loan Programme. We are so lucky to have a visionary leader like NS.

Asif Malik Sep 26, 2015 11:15pm

O NO. He probably thinks we are all idiots now.

Shawn A Sep 26, 2015 11:31pm

Thank you Bill Gates you are a great human being! Why cannot others with resources follow your footsteps.

Faraz Sep 26, 2015 11:37pm

Simply a true Patriot Nawaz Sharif is.Sir we proud of u.Keep going.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 27, 2015 12:09am

What else can he say?

Mushahid Shah Sep 27, 2015 12:25am

great work... :)

Darashikoh Sep 27, 2015 12:36am

Our nation and lots of other nations owe this man a great deal of gratitude for being such a giving person. He is inspirational and he is a role model.

M.Saeed Sep 27, 2015 12:45am

Thanks to Bill Gates for Polio Eradication efforts and assistance in Pakistan. Now, the next big problem is in eradication of the horrible monster disease of Hepatitis and it would be a real great help if B&M Gates Foundation could do something in it also.

Shah Sep 27, 2015 12:55am

Bill Gates, a man of vision. Thank you for helping the world to eradicate Poliovirus. This world needs more people like you.

Tore Sep 27, 2015 01:24am

Pakistan should try to attract and encourage Microsoft, Google. Oracle. Cisco, and other IT and technology companies to start up learning centres, invest and nake jobs in Pakistan.

A. Ali Sep 27, 2015 01:34am

o my God......... whoever praises Imran Khan for any reason, our PM Nawaz Shareef meets that person whenever possible.

Mohammad Ali Khan Sep 27, 2015 01:59am

I wish Bill Gates could do some thing about the greatest of all the diseases,corruption.

Reza Sep 27, 2015 02:04am

Appreciate Bill Gates' efforts in helping Pak overcome the Polio scourge. God Bless you!

Darashikoh Sep 27, 2015 02:18am

Great human being ie Bill Gates.

M. Emad Sep 27, 2015 03:04am

Sad that Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria still have the crippling poliovirus.

Qutub Sep 27, 2015 03:28am

Wow. Is that all Bill Gates has to laud as far as Pakistan's accomplishments are concerned? A disease that has pretty much been eradicated from the rest of the world. How far back in time are we compared to the rest of the world.

Bikram singh Sep 27, 2015 03:31am

It seems that the meeting was just to give report on polio to Bill Gates from NS

Mohammad AKhtar Sep 27, 2015 04:00am

What a great man is Bill Gates. He has so much done for the charity.

Oshkosh Sep 27, 2015 04:43am

some times money alone just won't get it done.

Malatesh Sep 27, 2015 05:11am

That's wonderful.. Congratulations

Cyrus Sep 27, 2015 06:21am

Most of Bill Gates' billions is already being given to charities and to education. Before money can be given to the poor it has to be earned first. Socialists want to spend it before they have it.

I'm always right Sep 27, 2015 06:35am

The campaign that was actually carried out by IK... thank him.

Mohammad Sep 27, 2015 07:18am

Bill Gates did extensive investments as charity in Malaria vaccine and other healthcare projects to help people in countries like Pakistan. He should be awarded with Pakistani medal of honor; sitting in America and watching daily the Polio and other eradication programs in Pakistan and around the world. Polio was eradicated from US long ago. Polio vaccination is compulsory in US. Pakistani efforts for eradication of Polio is well appreciated. It's a war to save young one, ignorance results in paralysis all due to parental neglect not to have vaccination of their children. The new malaria vaccine hopefully will be more refined in coming decades will be major breakthrough, thanks to Bill gates efforts to fund such research projects. Malaria is unknown in US, it's only third world disease.

Zaffar Sep 27, 2015 07:37am

Bill Gate's free ride in Insia is over after the crack down on foreign NGOs. Pakistan must welcome all NGOs that got barred in India.

M Jamal Sep 27, 2015 07:57am

Empowering people at grass root level will solve all our problems but we have miserably failed and have to ask assistance from Mr Bill Gates for polio.NS must discuss with BG for investment in technology.

Skeptic. Sep 27, 2015 08:20am

Now if we can eradicate 'illiteracy' in the country, that would be a major accomplishment!

Jawad Sep 27, 2015 08:54am

Bill Gates net worth is 79.2 billion. This man can spend 1 million a day until he dies n can live like king of kings

Pixell Sep 27, 2015 08:57am

Congrats Pakistan for your achievement. India offers to help you in this mission.

Abu-Salmaan Sep 27, 2015 09:11am

@Bakhshi Kanth Excellent questions. is there anyone in the government responsible who can answer these very relevant and lmportant questions?

Sahad fazal Sep 27, 2015 09:13am

Bill gates should invest in Pakistan and make others from silicon valley do the same..

ashraf Sep 27, 2015 09:20am

Poor countries from Africa to Asia owe a lot to the Gates foundation for helping them eradicate Polio, Malaria and even illiteracy Good that our PM met him personally to express his gratitude. I as one Pakistani thank him & salute him.

faridullah Sep 27, 2015 09:27am

I wish Pakistan had someone like Bill Gates.

Irfan Sep 27, 2015 09:33am

@Sahad fazal why?

dipak Sep 27, 2015 10:13am

but did not talk about investment and commercial activity which is very important.

abdullah Sep 27, 2015 10:15am

@sandeep .we have an oprn border with afghanistan which is not so easy to polio is not going to go anytime vaccination in afghanistan.

Pixell Sep 27, 2015 10:17am

@Sahad fazal
Why not? Every global conglomerate should invest heavily in Pakistan. What's wrong with that?

Khan Lala Sep 27, 2015 10:38am

For me, corruption is more dangerous than polio.

Harsha Subbaiah Sep 27, 2015 11:06am

Congratulations Pakistan! Good job!

PPrasad78 Sep 27, 2015 11:52am

Three cheers for the Great Man - Bill Gates !

Deepak Sep 27, 2015 01:20pm

@wickyoli This meeting is to thank Gates for the help he provided in removing polio from the region. India is polio free because of this foundation.

Dr,Sadaf Sep 27, 2015 01:50pm

What efforts is he praising, MDG'S 2015 haven't been met and he is praising what?

FRIDAY Sep 27, 2015 02:07pm

THANK you Brother BILL for the focused motivations! HAPPY EID MUBARAK to you all! Have Wonderful Times on Planet Earth!

Truth Sep 27, 2015 05:47pm

Lot of free time available to our PM. Staying with his big entourage of 73, in one of the most costly hotels in New York, wasting taxpayers money for a 15 min speech on September 30. Even Nigeria is out of polio prone three countries leaving Pakistan and Afghanistan as only polio affected countries. What a dismal performance.

Shahdab Sep 27, 2015 06:04pm

@faridullah - Pakistan has hundreds of men better than him but without the education and.other facilities he has had in his country.

Be Honest Sep 27, 2015 08:41pm

It is United State who is largely involved in espionage activities inside Pakistan. I remember the news which was covered by Dawn News as well that 'Save the Children' (NGO of USA) is involved in spying activities inside Pakistan. Some of their member use to serve as a Polio vaccination team, but beside this they actually involved in spying activities inside Pakistan.. Our Government first banned this NGO, but suddenly on very next day PM announced that they may continue their Job.

Najam Chaudhari Sep 27, 2015 10:55pm

it's waste of time only..

Naveed Sep 28, 2015 12:31am

During recent GOP debates one of candidate was asked about his opposition to vaccines, his response was that he's not opposed to vaccines but how they are administered. We all know that preservative like Mercury are used extend self life of vaccines. Have our health departments investigated the quality of vaccines being administered? May be reaction to these vaccines are frightening the masses.

redpill1 Sep 28, 2015 09:49am

Polio Vaccines Causing Worldwide Surge in Childhood Paralysis Cases http://truthstreammedia(dot)com/page/2/ The Washington Post reported that the World Health Organization said the small outbreak, which has affected just two children thus far, is directly attributable to the vaccine:

cVDPV is a rare, mutated form of the virus that comes from the vaccine itself. Oral polio vaccines contain a weakened form of the virus that activates an immune response in the body so that it builds up antibodies to protect itself. But it takes some time for this to happen, and meanwhile the virus replicates in the intestines and can be excreted by the person immunized and can spread to others in the community.

Alan Sep 28, 2015 10:12am

Bill Gates and Polio What a scam. These are all scam ambassadors using their reputation to deceive struggling nations. We need to microbiologically check the polio drops which our generation is being fed and for what purpose? Sterilisation ?

Usman Sep 29, 2015 12:14am

What a shame for Pakistanis,

Microsoft in Pakistan - eradicating Polio Microsoft in India - building IT campuses, building data centers, hiring programmers,analysts,support staff,technicians,administrators.

Keep voting PMLN,PPP,MQM, JUIF Pakistanis ..... Nations get the leaders they deserve

Dinesh Sep 29, 2015 12:14am

At last, something for Pakistan to cheer about.