KASUR: The Government Boys High School, Lakhneke, on Thursday turned a scene of pitched battle when a ruling party parliamentarian and his henchmen manhandled the headmaster, inviting wrath of the students who retaliated with violence and scared them away.

Most teachers and students took shelter in the rooms while few boys took up the gauntlet to rescue the school head.

Information gleaned by this correspondent revealed that work on the boundary wall of the school was in progress when MNA Salman Hanif, who had demanded a passage from the school ground for the land of his relative and did not want a portion of the wall to be raised, came to the school and sent for Headmaster Saeed Ahmad while sitting in his car. The headmaster refused to come out and asked the gunman to tell the MNA to see him at his office.

The MNA, along with his gunman and other accomplices, stormed the office and beat up the headmaster. He abused the school head and dragged him out in the school ground. Getting wind of the situation, some of the students who were sitting their December test pelted the MNA and his henchmen with bricks and scared them away by brandishing sticks.

Earlier, the school ground was used as passage for the fields owned by a relative of the MNA.

The Mustafabad police said they were looking into the matter.

Published in Dawn, December 12th, 2014