Musharraf treason case: AG says early verdict possible

November 20, 2013


Attonery Genera Munir A. Malik. — Photo Courtesy HRW
Attonery Genera Munir A. Malik. — Photo Courtesy HRW

ISLAMABAD: Attorney General Munir A. Malik has said that given the strong evidence available against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, a decision in the treason case against him may be reached very soon.

Speaking to media representatives outside the Supreme Court, Malik did not rule out that Musharraf could be re-arrested in the case during proceedings, adding that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) would have the authority to carry out his arrest.

He said that according to Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the retired general could face life imprisonment or death.

Malik added that in the event of Musharraf's arrest, the jurisdiction of the granting him bail would lie with the special court constituted to try the former dictator and that only the president had the power to grant a pardon.

The special court comprising of Justice Faisal Arab (Sindh High Court), Justice Tahira Safdar (Balochistan High Court) and Justice Yawar Ali (Lahore High Court) would try the former army strongman for high treason over the imposition of emergency rule in Nov 2007.