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Awami National Party president Asfandyar Wali Khan speaks at a press conference at Wali Bagh, Charsadda, on Saturday. — Photo by Shahbaz Butt/White Star
Awami National Party president Asfandyar Wali Khan speaks at a press conference at Wali Bagh, Charsadda, on Saturday. — Photo by Shahbaz Butt/White Star

CHARSADDA: Awami National Party leader Asfandyar Wali Khan on Saturday dissolved all party organisations, including central, provincial and district cabinets, in the country over the May 11 election defeat.

“All future party organisations from lower to higher levels will be elected through a democratic process,” he told a news conference at Wali Bagh here.

Mr Asfandyar said the decision top dissolve all party organisations had been made in light of the recommendations of a committee, which was formed to look into the party’s defeat in the May 11 general elections.

He said the committee analysed the reasons and factors behind the party’s election and found that there were two aspects of the defeat.

“One aspect was the conspiracies hatched against ANP by elements afraid of its political stand in wake of the emerging regional political scenario, while the other aspect related to the party and its government’s internal weaknesses, including weakness of policy, weakness of governance and weakness of organisation,” he said.

The ANP chief said the fact-finding committee also criticised the mode of recruiting members into the party saying it lacked transparency and that the entire process of organisation building based on it was flawed and unrepresentative.

He said ANP would soon begin fresh membership campaign, which would last two months.

He said a central election commission and five provincial election commissions would conduct the intra-party polls and Senator Haji Adeel had been made the chairman of the central election commission.

“The membership campaign will start in October and end in November. Provincial organisations of the party will be elected in February next, while the central cabinet will be elected between March 1 and March 15, 2014,” he said.

Replying to a question, Mr Asfandyar said his party would never support military operation in Karachi but was in favour of de-weaponisation of the city under the supervision of the army.

He said if any worker or office-bearer of ANP was found involved in targeted killing or extortion, the party would take strict punitive action against him.

“There is no room for criminals in the party and even if an office-bearer is found favouring or supporting a person involved in criminal activities, he or she will be expelled from the party,” he said.

The ANP leader said all Pakhtuns living in Karachi were not affiliated with ANP and similarly, all Urdu-speaking people were not part of Muttahida Qaumi Movement and therefore, all Pakhtuns residing in Karachi should not be linked with ANP.

He said the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf-led government had failed to handle law and order situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The government’s writ in the province has eroded,” he said.

Mr Asfandyar said (PTI chief) Imran Khan had imposed another bureaucracy on the existing one.

He said on one hand, the PTI chief was criticising the Punjab government for holding the upcoming local body elections on non-party basis but on the other, he (Imran) was insisting local body elections should be held on non-party basis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The ANP chief said his party had accepted the people’s mandate for PTI to rule the province for five years and would never make any move to destabilise the provincial government.

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Comments (12) Closed

Anees Sep 01, 2013 09:04am

Sayyar Khan Sep 01, 2013 10:04am

What qualify you as the Leader of this party? Who voted you in as the party leader? These intra party election should also pick a party leader.

Arif Sep 01, 2013 12:20pm

your party is rejected by KPK people, it's better for your party to march to Karachi and leave KPK in peace. ANP did nothing in KPK except corruption.

Anon Sep 01, 2013 04:58pm

In a second of madness I thought he might actually acknowledge that the PTI had gotten the ball rolling on intra-party elections.... don't know what came over me.

Razzaq Sep 01, 2013 07:42pm

Still no lessons learned from defeat. Instead of focussing on their province ANP were focussing to conquer Karachi neglecting KPK their prime responsibility. Their leader was hardly present in the country to judge and do the needful to rectify the fault lines. One of their minister destroyed the railway and could not care less. So they paid the price a very heavy price like PML losing Punjab to MQM.

farid Sep 01, 2013 10:44pm

These are yesterday's songs Asfandyar is singing. The biggest reason that their party is rejected because it is based on ancestral rights than talent. If he wants ANP to revive he along with Bilor etc. should resign immediately.

Shafaat Sep 01, 2013 11:28pm

It is Pti who introduced intera party elections and now others are going to follow it but PTI failed to win by elections due to inefficient provincial cabinet govt....if not corrected they will not last long......imran khan has to understand it.....otherwise Allah hafiz....

Syed Ali Sep 02, 2013 10:04am

If Mr. Isfandiyar Wali Khan had an iota of honesty, self-respect, and shame, after describing all the details, it was incumbent upon him to also declare that "since all this happened while I was the over all chief and responsible person, I hereby resigned from ANP..and let younger generation take command, and undo the mistakes that we did"...But, I forgot that he is a Pakistani politician!!! They never miss a chance to make fool of their blind followers...and ignorant Pakistanis!

FJ Siddiqui Sep 02, 2013 12:05pm

Edwardian Sep 02, 2013 12:08pm

Intra-Party Elections? So he has learnt something from PTI lately.

MT Sep 02, 2013 12:41pm

@Arif: No thanks. We don't want them in Karachi either. We know what their leader (Shahi Syed) and activists are doing in Karachi; drugs, kidnapping, ransom, robberies, etc.

Jalaluddin S. Hussain Sep 03, 2013 01:08am

Other political parties must also do the same like ANP:

Mr Asfandyar of ANP said his party would never support military operation in Karachi but was in favour of de-weaponisation of the city under the supervision of the army.