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Imran alleges rigging in 25 constituencies, seeks recount

Published May 14, 2013 08:44am


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LAHORE: As enthusiastic workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf held sits-in in several cities of the country on Monday in protest against alleged irregularities in elections, PTI chairman Imran Khan said the party had collected evidence of rigging in 25 constituencies of the National Assembly and asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to look into the complaints.

Mr Khan, who is bed-ridden at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital since May 7 after falling off a fork-lift vehicle, called for re-counting in constituencies identified for rigging complaints.

The PTI chief said the party would soon issue a white-paper on election rigging complaints.

Meanwhile, the PTI Punjab chapter has called its parliamentary board meeting in Lahore to discuss the ‘massive rigging evidence’ the party has found.

The PTI’s MPAs-elect will attend the meeting. The PTI’s election complaint cell has already collected and forwarded some 8,000 complaints to the Election Commission.

On the other hand, the party’s supporters, comprising largely youth and women, have been continuously protesting in different parts of the province, including three areas in Lahore. A sit-in has been going on at Lalak Jan Chowk in Defence Housing Authority since Sunday afternoon.

The protesters have started calling the Lalak Jan Chowk as the “Insaf Square”.

“This Chowk will become the Tahrir Square of Pakistan,” said Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan, referring to the massive rallies held in the Egyptian capital two years ago which finally led to the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak’s government.

Imran Khan, the PTI chief, has also tweeted on the internet that he was standing with the protesters.

Ms Aleema Khan said the results from all over Punjab and particularly in Lahore were highly unexpected.

“How come 62 per cent turnout and almost 90 per cent voters casting vote for the PTI but results declaring PML-N candidates winners,” she asked.

She said the demonstrations would continue till the ECP took action and let justice prevail. She also quoted Imran as saying: “Morally, I am standing with you. If physically fit, I would have myself been standing with the protesters”.

Speaking to journalists, PTI leaders Shafqat Mahmood, Hamid Khan, Ahsan Rasheed, Fauzia Kasuri and others said that the PTI would carry out sits-in across Punjab on Tuesday. They alleged that the PML-N had staged rigging with the cooperation of police and polling station staff.

Alleging worst-ever rigging, the PTI leaders called for re-election in NA-122 and NA-125 under the army’s supervision. The PTI lost to the PML-N in the two Lahore constituencies and among the losers was Imran Khan.

The PTI supporters have also been holding demonstrations in other areas such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Chowk and Icchra in Lahore; at Shahrah-i-Faisal and Teen Talwar Chowk in Karachi; and D-Chowk in Islamabad.

Umer Zaheer Meer, the party’s complaint cell in-charge, told Dawn that he had collected some 8,000 election-related complaints from across the country and submitted them to the ECP.


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Comments (36) Closed

El Cid May 14, 2013 08:40am
Punjabi women and young men must stand together for truth and 'Insaf' and prove that they are as deserving of 'Insaf' as their Pashtroon sisters and brothers who demonstrated that their voice and vote carry weight and meaning for the future direction of Pakistan.
LahoriTugha May 14, 2013 08:43am
You are no PTI supporter but a NS plant. Your word prove that.
sher ka shikari May 14, 2013 08:05am
I still say PTI voters edge PMLN voters by 8 to 2. Massive riggng all over Punjab. 25 seats are only where PTI was winning by huge numbers but we are not disscussing other seats of Punjab where ballot boxes and PTI votes were thrown away from the polling station.
Waleed May 14, 2013 07:55am
.... SO IK did wrong by not supporting Qadri stance
Waleed May 14, 2013 07:53am
Highly unfortunate that we are undermining great work by EC under difficult circumstances. As PTI supporter, I feel that 2013 elections were certainly the most transparent elections in nation's history. I certainly expected IK and other PTI colleagues to accept people's verdict even if it does not follow our persuit.
KhanChangezKhan May 14, 2013 07:09am
We will not accept the present election results because it was not a free and fair but a selected election either by the local or foreign agencies. Election Commission might be not involved in the race of unfair election but the PML(n), PPP and MQM's leaders and workers did it by any mean of rigging either by force or by supporting sources agencies. Of course re-election is not possible for all the constituencies but at least upon finding evidences Election Commission have to either disqualify the rigging candidates or arrange for re-vote casting on all the mismanaged and evidenced polling stations..
Shahzad May 14, 2013 01:41pm
This election is a shame for ECP and all of Pakistan.
haris May 14, 2013 07:29am
May be but there are no evidence. The evidences were only collected across Karachi and Punjab. Most of them were recorded by ordinary voters.
Guest May 14, 2013 09:09am
So when will PTI start working for Pakistan and stop working for itself?
Khan May 14, 2013 02:05am
we keep on referencing tahrir square but we are not nearly that determined.
Shafqet Ahmad May 14, 2013 02:14am
It is no secret that massive poll rigging was done. I am surprised Imran only listed 25 constituencies. I would have thought it was a lot more!
Such Bolo May 14, 2013 02:20am
ECP needs to step up and look into these allegation before its too late. It is the responsibilty of ECP to declar a winner after investigation the Rigging. This country has been worst then any decent mind can imagine. is there any one in this country who is not corrupt? ECP you owe this to all Pakistani who believe in equal and fair system for all. Do not sit silent or You will never be forgiven in this world and here after because you know what these corrupt parties and their leaders are capabale of. isn't it time you wake up and do something right for a change
sfomann May 14, 2013 02:58am
The most rigged election in the history of Pakistan
salman May 14, 2013 03:05am
PML-N is the biggest thug party of all time... I really feel sorry for all the pakistanis, now you will witness the all time high corruption records.
Syed Ahmed May 14, 2013 03:08am
Vey true. There may be more since MQM and PML(N) and PPPP jialas tore lots of PTI votes. This is an authentic news from horses mouth.
farid May 14, 2013 03:35am
ECP should seriously look in to these allegation. Pakistan is at the verge of a bloody revolution. Long live Imran Khan.
Zak May 14, 2013 04:01am
This rigging must stop. The election commission should not run away from deciding on evidence to resold elections under army supervision in all 25 -remember what happened to Bhutto when he refused to do so. Nawaz should show new leadership by saying let there be re-election in these areas. If he does not then again same will happen in 2018 and nothing will change.
zafar May 14, 2013 04:12am
Do any of the disputed constituencies lie in PK?
Misbah May 14, 2013 04:31am
This is exactly we PTI supporters want to share. thanks for this detailed info. We want Imran Khan not because we only love PTI's Manshoor but also for our bright future and rights. In Sha Allah PTI will succeed.
Amir Iftikhar Warraich May 14, 2013 04:44am
PTI demands are fair, lets re-count and IK will accept any outcome - even if its in favor of PML-N. Pakistan zindabad!
Abu-Salmaan May 14, 2013 04:47am
Why appropriate and strict measures were not taken in the 1st place in every polling station to control bogus voting and rigging in the election while corruption in every field of life is so common in Pakistan?
israr May 14, 2013 05:29am
I think tahir ul qadri was right that in the presence of this election commission no fair elections are not possible.We just did not take him seriously.
Guest May 14, 2013 05:34am
Protest, by all means, but Lalik Chowk is too small to be Tahrir Square. Please do not block the roads; please let ordinary people go about their daily business.
amanullah rabbani May 14, 2013 06:19am
I am a not a supporter of Imran Khan but still for a change, I travelled all the way from Dubai to Lahore just to cast my vote in NA 125. On May 11, Defence, Cantt and Askari were blocked near the polling stations and ofourse everybody was out to cast vote to PTI. We went out in the whole constituency just to check out the voter turn out but there was no appreciable turnout else where in the constituency like Bhatta Chowk, Badia Road, areas behind alfalah town. I did personally see Saad Rafique fighting with PTI supporters at S Block polling station. I don't know how is this possible that til 2:30 in the morning Saad Rafique was losing by a handsome margin, but won all of a sudden. Everyone including media has noticed that results from all those seats in Lahore where PTI was winning, updates were not sent to media. On top of that, the NS winning speech was a message to all polling staff that we are now in power so cooperate with our candidates. Immediately after that Saad Rafique n other candidates started to visit all polling stations in backward areas and changed the results by influencing the polling staff.
Azam May 14, 2013 06:49am
Mian Sahib, again you played with umpires on your side? You are so very naughty :) There is enough evidence for massive rigging in Punjab and in Karachi. This should be taken to CNN to expose the dirty face of Pakistan's politics.
Waleed May 14, 2013 09:05am
This is the attitude that cost us election.
Guest May 14, 2013 09:26am
These elections were won by PML-N last year when Sir Imran Khan (a true Leader and true Pakistani) said he will order to shoot down drones if US didn't stop the attacks and Nawaz Sharif told the American ambassador that he is PRO-AMERICAN. Also, Dr. Tahir -ul- Qadri was 100% right when he said that actual change is NOT possible with the current system and that forget the system, not even faces will change as a result of these sham "elections".
Khan May 14, 2013 10:21am
they are working for Pakistan. They are standing against injustice.
Zaheer Khan May 15, 2013 01:11pm
Yeah this is like true PTI spirit. All except PTI are educated. BTW why there is comma "," after "from"
Naseer Cheema May 15, 2013 01:04pm
Yes you are not PTI supporter because you dont have PTI arrogance.
Mobbashar May 14, 2013 11:25am
AlhamdoLillah KPK people are very straight and enjoy equal muscle. So rigging would not be possible ever in KPK. They know how to assert their right and how to fight for their right
Farhan May 14, 2013 12:04pm
"great work by EC" - are you serious?
Farhan May 14, 2013 12:07pm
We are nowhere close to a bloody revolution - unfortunately 'police danday maray gee tau inqilaab kaisey aayay ga'? But yes, long live Imran Khan
Khawar Khyam May 14, 2013 12:27pm
Dear Imran Khan, Sorry to say you are in wrong country. What were you thinking. It is not going to be easy to change Pakistan. You are still young,Please move to some civilized place. Have better life and forget about changing Pakistan. You Got to stoop very low to be successful in Pakistan. Secondly may be Nawaz Sharif win is planned in some other country. Every one knows those countries who decide the fate of Pakistan.
Khawar Khyam May 14, 2013 12:30pm
That is the magic. Now you are in Now you are not.
saqib May 14, 2013 04:20pm
your English is very bad, you cannot be a PTI supporter. You probably did not go to school or graduated from, " GORNAMENT ISTAFF CALLEDGE."