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Mother's Day

Updated May 11, 2013

To mum with love... We all love our mother, she is the most special person on earth for us. But what makes her so special? Here are some of the things that make their mothers so special to our readers, though there are countless more reasons to love the wonderful person called mother

My mother knows what I like and what I hate. She takes good care of me whenever I don’t feel good. I love the biryani and Sindhi spinach she cooks. Her best quality is that she prays five times a day and always prays for me. Kashmala Karim Bux 7 years, Islamabad

My mother is a very kind and humble. She is the best cook when I am hungry, she is the best nurse when I am ill, she is the best teacher when I need help in my studies. She is an all-rounder! Noor-ul-ain Imtiaz, 8 years, Dadu

My mother is very strong and courageous. She teaches in a school in the morning shift and gives tuitions in the evening. She works hard to give us a better future. Besides fulfilling her jobs’ responsibilities, she efficiently manages household chores as well. Jaffar Abid, 8 years, Via email

I live in a hostel and whenever I come home to meet my mother and then leave for the hostel, her heart cries for me but she puts a smile on her face to make me feel good. She is a brave woman. Even in the most difficult circumstances, she doesn’t lose hope. When drones strike in our neighbourhood, she consoles me and gives me courage. In her presence, I feel safe and secure. Umer Shah Wazir, 12 years, Peshawar

My mother is very caring, loving, generous, hardworking, helpful and forgiving. Johum Javed, 7 years, Karachi

My mother was a career woman but she gave up her dreams just to bring me up because for her I am the most important person. Alizeh Sohail, 9 years, Karachi

My mother is always concerned about my studies and health. She keeps me neat and clean, and helps me in my school’s assignments. Arfa Noor Gondal, 11 years, Bahawalpur

No one else can touch my heart like my mother does. My mother is always at work to give me a happy life.

Tanveer Ali,

10 years, Gilgit

My mother always makes sure that I am happy and she knows my likes and dislikes. Zainab Amir, 7 years, Karachi

My mother cooks for me, plays with me and buys me things. She drops me to school and then picks me from there. She gives me pocket money to buy ice cream and chocolate. Zoha Asim, 7 years, Karachi

My mother takes care of my father and me. I love my mother because she puts in so much effort to give us a comfortable life. Shaheer Zahid Hayee, 8 years

My mother is a good cook. She prepares tasty dishes for me and takes care of me 24/7. Dua Najam-u-Din Solangi, 10 years, Dadu

A mother is special because ‘paradise lies under the feet of a mother’. My mother helps me in my studies and encourages me to participate in extracurricular activities. Saad Zaman, 9 years, Islamabad

Whenever I am worried or ill, my mother sits with me all the time, encouraging and supporting me. I love the fact that she can quickly make breakfast and never allows me to go school without having it. Whatever I desire is practically done by my mum. Noor Nabi Mahesar, 12 years, Darbello, N. Feroze

My mum is a great cook. She is honest and always gives me what I want. She loves me. She gets angry with me sometimes, but I love her the way she is. Muhammad Abyan, 7 years, via email

My mum is very practical, logical and amazing. She always tells me to have patience as patience is a virtue. My mum always does a lot to make me a better person. Ali Masood Khan, 11 years, Peshawar

My mother has always been there for me and has helped me in studies. Although, she is a working woman and is busy with her work, she always has time for me and showers lots of love on me. Rubab Shah, 10 years, Karachi

I like my mother because she gives me pleasant surprises on birthdays and makes this special day even more special for me. She teaches me without being rude and also rewards me when I get good marks in tests. Humayl Aslam, 11 years, Karachi

I love my mother because she can sacrifice her happiness for me. She encourages me and she is the key to my success. Hamna Haider, 7 years, Karachi

I love my mum because she is very polite. She always buys me matching jewellery with each of my dresses. She always tells me to follow the right path. But when I do something wrong, she gets a little upset. Mariam Anthony Jalal, 11 years, Lahore

My mother cares greatly for me and my sister. I love her ability to make mouth-watering food. When I get hurt, she cares a lot for me. Arooj Tariq, 10 years, via email

My mom is a friend as well as a teacher. She teaches me how to be a good human being. She advises me to remain contended and be considerate for those who are less fortunate. She teaches me to respect elders. Maryam Siddiqui, 11 years, Islamabad

Our mother is smart and polite. She helps us in our school homework and makes tasty meals for us. She has a wonderful personality. Anarat Fatima & Aroob Fatima, 11 & 13 years, Sahiwal

One day I couldn’t complete my school project as it was quite difficult. But my mother then helped me out. The next day when my teacher checked it, she gave me full marks. Muhammad Jazib Javed, 6 years, Karachi

My mother realises my needs even before I tell her. The best thing about her is that she is always there for whenever I need a hug and her loving care. Jawairiya Yawar, 10 years, Karachi

My mother is a pharmacist. She sometimes takes me to her office where she shows me her work. Despite being a career woman, she spends quality time with me. She reads and plays with me. Maryam Tariq, 9 years, Karachi

My mum helps me in every mode of life and solves all my problems. I share every secret with her. She can do anything for me. Haniya Qamar, 13 years, Karachi

My mother is my paradise. When my mum hugs me, I feel real comfort. My mum helps me in my homework; I like it when she pampers me when I am ill. She makes the best chicken fried rice in the world. Ifrah Qamar, 10 years, Karachi

My mum always takes my side even when it’s my fault. She never hits me and treats me very well. Maha Rashid, 10 years, Karachi

My mother is more precious than glittering diamonds, more gentle than flying angels sweeter than smiling fairies, more beautiful than dancing princess. She’s the best gift I have received from Allah. Arisha Khan Durrani, 11 years, Sadikabad

My mother cooks special things for me everyday with love and she knows better than anyone what I like most to eat. She allows me to play with my friends and she invites my friends at my home and arranges parties for them. Ismaeel Jamali, 6 years, via email

My mom always encourages me and says, “Never give up!” She is protective about me and with her I feel safe. Muhammad Bilal Suleman, 9 years, Lahore

My mother is good to me. When I am sick she takes extra care of me and does not scold me too much if I have done something wrong. She takes good care of my academics. Ali Safeer, 10 years, Karachi

My mother works hard so that she can give us everything we want. She tries to fulfil all my needs and always makes us happy no matter how sad we are. Muhammad Asad Farooqui, 9 years, via email

My mother always knows what to do when I am unhappy. She dresses me perfectly and brings me lots of books and toys, and is the only one who understands me well. M. Shayan Farooqui, 6 years, via email

My mum encourages me to hope for the best and think positively, and she always appreciates my efforts. Haya Naveed, 11 years, Karachi

My mother makes me happy when I cry. She scolds me when I do something wrong. She makes me study when exams are going on. She holds my hand and is with me like my shadow. Bismah Sheikh, 11 years, Karachi

My mum brings for me anything I want. She always picks me from school in time. She never tells a lie and prays five times a day. Hina Riaz, 12 years, Islamabad

My mother is kind-hearted and encourages me when I lose all hope. She gives me attention when I need it. I can’t describe the special qualities of my mother even in 20,000 words. Hamna Ali, 12 years, Lahore

My mother is everything to me! My love, my world and my only reason to survive! She has a spirit that keeps my soul alive. Syeda Wardah Noor, 13 years, Rawalpindi

My mum never criticises me in front of my friends. She observes silence when I do something wrong and to me her silence means so much. She asks me to do everything I can do for myself and this increases my confidence level. Sehba Khan, 13 years, Peshawar

My mother is very caring and loving. She never leaves us alone if we are in trouble. She always helps us in any situation. She sometimes gets angry when we don’t behave well, but she is always doing a lot for us. Saad Bhatti, 12 years, via email

A mother is the sign of love. She taught us how to hold a pen. She wipes our tears, and gives us love and care. She works hard to make us lead a happy and successful life. Mum is certainly our shield from all kinds of harm. Laiba Qazi, 13 years, Karachi

My mother has nurtured and guided me in every step of life. Sometimes she scolds me but it’s for my wellbeing. I love my mum because even if she is not around, her wise words keep guiding me. Amna Ammar, 13 years, Islamabad

My mother’s bravery is a source of inspiration for me and her positive criticism makes me take the right decisions in life. Zarlish Raza Kazmi, 12 years, Karachi

My mother is our guide and always ready to help us. Her prays are always with us. She helps in our studies and also plays with us. Fatima Shams, 13 years, Islamabad

My mother inspires me, and I want to be just like her when I grow up. Apart from being a housewife, she is a remarkable cook, dedicated teacher and a spontaneous dress designer. Hiba Saad, 12 years, Karachi

I am confident because of my mother. She is my best friend. I share all my joys and my sorrows with her, and she always has the best answer and advice for me. Tabeer Bakht, 13 years, Karachi

My mother pampers me whenever I am ill. She sacrifices her sleep for my comfort. She teaches me and wishes for my success. Shakila Ajmal, 12 years, Daharki

My mother not only advices me but also acts upon them first. She is my role model. Sarim Ahmed, 11 years, Karachi

My mother is my idol and a very caring person. One day she saw a child on the street, his hand was bleeding. My mother took him to the hospital and paid all expenses for his treatment.

Sabita Sadiq Musani,

13 years, Karachi

My mother works hard to give me a bright future. She wakes up at 5:30am to prepare breakfast and school’s lunch for me. She helps me in my school’s assignments despite her burden of household chores. My excellent report card each year is the result of her efforts. Sheikh Rasib Uddin, 12 years, Karachi

My mother does a lot of nice things for me. She purchases all the nice things I want her to. She works day and night, she doesn’t get her full sleep but still she gets up in the morning, gives me breakfast and takes me to school. She also tells me a bedtime story. She helps me in my homework if I don’t understand something. Mir Sulaiman Khan 10 years, Karachi

Whenever I am grumpy, my mother acts cool and finds the solutions of my problems. When I am rude, my mother remains patient and through her endurance makes me realise the depth of her love. Hadiqa Talha, 12 years, Karachi

My mother cares for me, she is my strength. One day I asked my mother to cook a handi dish for me, but she didn’t know how to cook it. So, instead of ignoring my wish, she waited for a cooking show till late night in which the host cooked a handi dish. She learned to cook it for me and, the very next day, she prepared it. Just to put a smile on my face, she made so much effort! Junaid Javed, 10 years, Karachi

My mother treats me like a friend. She is very close to my heart and trusts me. Safeena Zahra, 13 years, Lahore

My mother doesn’t hide her worries from me. She shares everything with me so that I learn to become responsible. She has been training me to handle the difficulties of practical life. Maleeha Danyal, 13 years, Karachi

My mother buys for me beautiful clothes and lots of toys. Besides material gifts, she also showers on me a priceless gift: her love. Rabia Noor, 7 years, Karachi

My mother is very understanding. She always finds out the solutions of my problems. She always remains by my side. She also likes to help the poor and needy. Shehna Saad, 10 years, Karachi

My mum always forgives and forgets. No matter what I say or do to her, she always forgives me. Even when I don’t apologise for my misdeeds, she forgives me. Umaima Khan, 13 years, Karachi

My mother’s suggestions always help me make my way through tricky situations. Just her smile makes me feel relaxed and happy. Fizza Ali, 13 years, Rawalpindi

My mother’s behaviour towards me makes her special, because whatever or whenever I ask her to do something for me, she never refuses. She is never annoyed with me. Mehran Sohail, 13 years, Turbat

When I am sick, my mother stays with me all night and pats my head and moves her soft hands over my face and prays for my health. Rasool Jan Aman Bolani, 14 years, Turbat, Kech

My mother’s love and care for me is her special quality. She sacrifices her happiness just to make me happy. Zakeesh Muddassir, 13 years, Karachi

My mother’s love for me taught me the importance and meaning of sacrifice in relationships. Her truth and honesty taught me to differentiate between right and wrong. Tashfeen Tauqir, 12 years, Mirpur Road

My mother is like a tree for me whose shadow always protects me. I am nothing without her. She is everything to me. Amna Irfan Pancha, 10 years, Karachi

My mother’s style and fashion sense makes her so special. She is a fabulous beautician and a wonderful cook as well. Sania Khalid, 12 years, Karachi

My mother is special because of her patience. No matter how worried she is, she never leaves us alone and always makes efforts to keep us happy. Sidra Akhlaq, 13 years, Karachi

My mother is a doctor and has a busy schedule but she manages to help me with my homework. She never neglects me and gives me proper attention. Whenever I misbehave, she remains calm and never punishes me. Syed Mashhood Ali, 13 years, Karachi

My mother is always there for me whenever I need her support. She guides me to the right path. Muhammad Shoaib, 11 years, Karachi

My mother is good looking, educated and a kind lady. She had a career but she gave it up for her children. She wanted to give us full attention and in order to do that she sacrificed her own dreams. Ujala Urooj Sohail, 13 years, Karachi

My mother is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She has always encouraged me to climb the ladder of success and whatever I am today is because of my mother. Priya Parkash Mansha, 14 years, Karachi

My mother is the best chef in the world. She makes yummy dishes for me and comforts me like a nurse whenever I am ill. My mother is always there for me whenever I need her. Samita Jesrani, 12 years, Karachi

My mother is always with me in hard times; she has been my role model since my childhood. She helps anyone in need and is friendly with all she meets. Nidaa, 13 years, Lahore

My mother thinks that activity-based learning is important and gives me a lot of projects to make. Whenever a special day is coming, she asks me to make a card about it. Zehra Noor Ali 13 years, Sialkot

My mother is my inspiration. Her most adorable quality is her sense of humour. She is very intelligent, well-educated, humble and down-to-earth. Ebrahim Murtaza Lotia, 14 years, Karachi

My mother encourages me to participate in different competitions and also leads me to the right path. Her honesty provides me with strength. Waniyah Masood, 13 years, Karachi

I love my mum because she is the only one who comprehends and understands me and my nature! She helps me in all I face in life! She supports and facilitates me in everything. Rubab Shah, 13 years, Hyderabad

My mother helps me at every difficult step of my life and the delicious food she makes everyday can’t be compared to that of any other popular chef of this world. Naqiyah Shabbir Abbas, 14 years, Karachi

Whenever I feel discouraged, depressed and hopeless, who encourages me? Whenever I fail, who lifts me? It is none other than my loving, admiring and sympathetic mom whose smile motivates me and whose words inspire me. Sualeha Saleem, 13 years, Karachi

My mother is a very nice and calm person. She is a teacher and is fair with everyone. She is young, healthy and pretty. She reads us bedtime stories. I love her because she plays with us. Yumna Fatima Ahmed, 9 years, Karachi

My mother is kind, hardworking and has a good sense of humour. She scolds me when I am wrong but her scolding is only for my wellbeing. My mother teaches in a university and despite having a tough professional life, she manages household responsibilities in quite an efficient manner.

Hamza Ahmad Mir,

11 years, Via email