Malala: The real story (with evidence)

New findings unearth stunning disclosures that are bound to challenge the mainstream narrative of the Malala story: NFP

In Focus: Why does the US want to attack Syria?

Why would a country facing grave economic crises at home, be hell bent on inviting more trouble abroad?

Is Waar a hit?

Most people who talk in terms of hits and flops have little understanding of the terms and use them rather loosely.

“I have a blood relation with Pakistanis, they killed my father”

The tribe was required to wash the stone with blood until they avenged the death by killing a man of the enemy tribe.

Shooting down a drone isn’t so hard to do

What if aggrieved Pakistanis, convinced the state won’t act, decide to take matters into their own hands?

47 As in O, A levels: Pakistani student beats world record

A Pakistani student, Haroon Tariq, has broken the current world record by securing a total of 47...

Findings of Abbottabad Commission: How US reached Osama

The ACR contains a treasure trove of information on the hunt for the world’s most wanted man – Osama Bin Laden.

Once a ‘wife’ soon to be a husband

Happily married Nagina had not even imagined one day she would be running a tyre shop at a bus stand as a young man.

Lt Gen Raheel Sharif chosen as new army chief

Meanwhile, Lt Gen Rashad Mahmood has been chosen as the new CJCSC, says a defence ministry notification.

Teacher ‘thrashes’ girl after argument on veil

A girl student in Peshawar accused a male teacher of roughing her up after a heated argument over veiling herself.