Fawad Hasan

The special parts of our lives

Living with special people is not easy; some blame fate, some blame themselves and give into despair while a few rise to Published Jun 14, 2015 07:06am

Enabling the differently abled

From schooling to finding reliable healthcare and then searching for a job that provides dignity as well as decent pay Published Jun 09, 2015 07:46pm

Beasts on the streets

We talk of Women’s Day and women’s honour and rights, but our women are not safe when they step out of the house Updated Mar 09, 2015 09:40am

KTC: one for the road

Here is the cautionary tale of the rise and fall of once-great Karachi Transport Corporation. Published Feb 15, 2015 10:48am

Chained: Debt bondage in Pakistan

“Those who do not move do not notice their chains,” said Rosa Luxemburg, a 20th century philosopher. Updated Jan 20, 2015 01:25pm

Few choices

Spurred by poverty and enabled by legal lacunae, there seems no end in sight to child labour Published Jan 04, 2015 06:23am