SCO invite

THOUGH India’s invitation to Pakistan to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation events in Goa later this ... Published 27 Jan, 2023 06:54am

Election time

There are concerns whether the ECP will be sufficiently able to protect the integrity of elections if they are held under partisan governments. Updated 27 Jan, 2023 08:40am

Call to arms

ONE way the state abdicates responsibility in Pakistan is by farming out its functions to the private sector. In ... Published 27 Jan, 2023 06:54am

Nuclear miscalculations

IF the claim of former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, that Pakistan and India came close to a nuclear exchange... Published 26 Jan, 2023 08:11am

Exchange rate cap

THE ‘management’ of the exchange rate by the State Bank, allegedly at the behest of the government, to ward off... Published 26 Jan, 2023 08:11am

Fawad’s arrest

Does the state really need to fan public discontent in a period as fraught with uncertainty as this? Updated 26 Jan, 2023 08:43am

Monetary policy

THE State Bank’s decision to hike its key policy rate to a 25-year high of 17pc to anchor inflation expectations ... Published 25 Jan, 2023 07:03am

Into darkness

The energy transmission infrastructure needs to be treated with more seriousness and its weaknesses removed. Updated 25 Jan, 2023 09:11am

The rot within

EVEN by the abysmal standards of our broken legal system, the acquittal of former SSP Rao Anwar and his 17... Published 25 Jan, 2023 07:03am

Days of despair

Mohsin Naqvi will have to work extra hard to prove himself worthy of the responsibility he has been entrusted with. Updated 24 Jan, 2023 08:44am

Modi documentary

NEW DELHI’S extreme reaction to a BBC documentary on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid bare the BJP... Published 24 Jan, 2023 07:40am

Stockholm outrage

IT is difficult to accept the free speech argument being used to ‘defend’ frequent acts of desecration by... Published 24 Jan, 2023 07:39am

Breaking the stupor

'Friendly countries' have made it public that are no longer interested in providing Islamabad with anymore easy money. Updated 23 Jan, 2023 08:34am

Saudi position

THE Saudi position not to recognise Israel until there is a two-state solution to the Palestine question is a ... Published 23 Jan, 2023 07:07am

Wrong approach

PAKISTAN has for the past several decades been battling sectarianism. While targeted killings and sectarian acts of... Published 23 Jan, 2023 07:07am

Oil from Russia

Energy accounts for the largest portion of Pakistan’s imports, and cheaper oil from Russia will help somewhat lower the burgeoning trade deficit. Updated 22 Jan, 2023 09:03am

Shameful transphobia

TRANSPHOBIA takes many forms, all of them cruel and degrading. Sometimes it emanates from unexpected quarters. On... Published 22 Jan, 2023 07:40am

Football concerns

A DAY after the FIFA-AFC delegation left the country after holding meetings with officials of the Pakistan Football... Published 22 Jan, 2023 07:39am

Out of exile

EXILE is nothing new for Pakistan’s political class. Leaders have often slipped away to safer foreign climes... Published 21 Jan, 2023 06:35am

Seeing sense

Further delay in repairing the relationship with the IMF will only exacerbate the political price PML-N will have to pay. Updated 21 Jan, 2023 08:54am