Healing old wounds

IN a development that will surely shine a spotlight on one of the darkest chapters in Pakistan’s democracy, the... Published 09 Dec, 2023 07:06am

Elected set-up’s job

Backed by a powerful establishment, the interim government has done a fairly good job at executing IMF-mandated policies. Published 09 Dec, 2023 07:06am

New Danish law

THE public defilement of Islamic sanctities — mainly by Islamophobic provocateurs in the West — serves no... Published 09 Dec, 2023 07:06am

Privatising SOEs

WHY does the government want to demolish the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New York — one of the eight properties ... Updated 08 Dec, 2023 08:41am

Cost of negligence

ONCE again, Karachi has witnessed a tragic fire, this time engulfing a six-storey commercial-cum-residential ... Published 08 Dec, 2023 07:01am

Filing returns

THE grim realities of Pakistan’s flailing efforts to ensure tax compliance often present themselves as farce.... Published 08 Dec, 2023 07:01am

Gaza’s darkest hour

Will the Arabs and Muslims continue to issue strong statements condemning Israel as Palestinian children writhe in unspeakable pain? Updated 07 Dec, 2023 08:52am

Embracing arts

THE Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, also showcasing Pakistani films, marks a significant moment in the cultural... Published 07 Dec, 2023 07:41am

Women’s cricket win

THE return of Fatima Sana gave the Pakistan women’s cricket team the zip they needed. The fast bowler had missed... Published 07 Dec, 2023 07:41am

Organ trafficking

DESPITE legal safeguards being in place to crack down on the illicit organ transplantation racket, it is clear that... Published 06 Dec, 2023 07:09am

Hidden scars

IN Pakistan, the spectre of gender-based violence casts a long, oppressive shadow over women and girls. Rooted in... Published 06 Dec, 2023 07:09am

Abject failure

Nepra must also order an internal inquiry to determine why its own officials dragged their feet and failed to take appropriate action against overbilling. Updated 06 Dec, 2023 08:24am

Chilas bus attack

Locals, particularly in Diamer and Kohistan, need to be on board to ensure that militants have no place to hide. Updated 05 Dec, 2023 07:09am

Underage driving

SIX lives — all members of a single family — were recently lost in Lahore to the unabated menace of underage... Published 05 Dec, 2023 06:22am

State’s insecurities

ONE hopes that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor’s recent remarks regarding the ‘less-than-ideal’ security... Published 05 Dec, 2023 06:22am

Returns on deposits

DESPITE the deceleration of deposit mobilisation, bank deposits have jumped to a record high of Rs25.6tr in FY23. ... Published 04 Dec, 2023 07:20am

War of narratives

MILITARILY, there is no match between the Israeli war machine, and the defenceless people of Gaza. On one side is a... Published 04 Dec, 2023 07:20am

Electable politics

With the PTI still on the wrong side of the political equation, the prospects will be bright for whoever takes the lead. Updated 04 Dec, 2023 08:22am

PCB’s strange decision

THE Pakistan Cricket Board’s decision-making and the way it is being run has become a joke. A day after appointing... Published 03 Dec, 2023 07:10am

Promises, promises

The climate crisis transcends national borders and political agendas, demanding a unified, decisive response. Updated 03 Dec, 2023 09:11am