Pemra’s powers

The right to freedom of expression has been curtailed to such an extent that it invites comparisons with martial law times. Updated 27 Jan, 2021 08:24am

Increasing debt

THE numbers released by the State Bank regarding the government’s domestic debt stock and servicing at the end of... Published 27 Jan, 2021 06:05am

Women in conflict

“WHEN the guns fall silent, it does not mean the suffering of women and girls stops. The suffering and abuse that... Published 27 Jan, 2021 06:05am
Pakistan-US ties

Pakistan-US ties

The US remains the world’s most powerful country, one Pakistan cannot afford to ignore. Updated 26 Jan, 2021 08:16am

NAB not impartial

NAB CHAIRMAN retired justice Javed Iqbal has claimed that his organisation is an unbiased anti white-collar-crime... Published 26 Jan, 2021 07:31am

Pakistan-South Africa series

IN what is seen as a rare instance, Pakistan start as the underdogs on their home turf when they take on South ... Published 26 Jan, 2021 07:31am

Where the buck stops

The rights to due process and security of person are accorded to every individual in this country. Updated 25 Jan, 2021 08:25am

PPP’s plan?

THE PDM faces a fresh crisis as the PPP takes a conspicuously soft position on the long march. While the PDM talks ... Published 25 Jan, 2021 07:09am

Forward guidance

THE State Bank has taken the unusual step of issuing a forward guidance in its latest monetary policy statement to... Published 25 Jan, 2021 07:08am

Bureaucracy reform

WHILE the intention behind the endeavour may be lauded, the civil service reform package unveiled by the government... Published 24 Jan, 2021 06:44am

Delayed olive branch

THE PTI government has finally mustered up sufficient political prudence to extend an olive branch to the opposition... Updated 24 Jan, 2021 08:16am

Minority rights

ON Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to safeguard religious sites around the world,... Published 24 Jan, 2021 06:44am

Israeli land grab

WITH the chapter now closed on the Trump presidency, the eyes of many in the international community — ... Updated 23 Jan, 2021 08:29am

Power price hike

ALREADY struggling to cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising food prices, consumers received yet... Published 23 Jan, 2021 08:00am

New PhD policy

EARLIER in the week, the HEC chairman announced several changes for undergraduate and PhD degrees in the country.... Published 23 Jan, 2021 08:00am

Time to heal

A multitude of foreign issues will test Biden’s mettle and require progressive thinking. Updated 22 Jan, 2021 08:37am

Foreign funding

AS the pressure builds on his party in the foreign funding case, Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for an ... Published 22 Jan, 2021 07:53am

Decaying PTV

THE Cabinet Committee on State-Owned Enterprises has decided to remove Pakistan Television from the list of... Published 22 Jan, 2021 07:53am

Indian media scandal

Common sense, factual reporting and ethics are all chucked out the window in the maddening race for ratings, influence and power. Updated 21 Jan, 2021 08:25am

Agosta kickbacks trial

A POLITICALLY significant trial opened in Paris yesterday. Former French prime minister Edouard Balladur is in the... Updated 21 Jan, 2021 08:23am