After the march

FORMER prime minister Imran Khan either ‘ran away’ from Islamabad or made a temporary, strategic retreat. It... Published 27 May, 2022 07:52am
A tough decision

A tough decision

Decision to raise fuel prices will remove a major hitch of concluding a staff-level agreement with IMF. Updated 27 May, 2022 08:15am

Xinjiang files

QUESTIONS about the status of the Muslim Uighur people in China’s Xinjiang autonomous region often arise, with... Published 27 May, 2022 07:51am
Dark days

Dark days

The PTI, on its part, does not seem to have been prepared to face such a large deployment of state machinery. Updated 26 May, 2022 08:26am

No room for dissent

WHILE political turmoil roils the land, a number of incidents over the past few days have demonstrated that though... Published 26 May, 2022 07:57am

Harassing passengers

REPORTS of the confiscation of personal items from passengers’ private luggage by customs officials at Karachi’s... Published 26 May, 2022 07:57am
Back to bedlam

Back to bedlam

FEAR tactics have never worked in the past, and most likely will not this time either. The government’s ... Updated 25 May, 2022 07:28am

Balochistan blaze

THE forest fire on the Koh-i-Sulaiman range in Balochistan’s Shirani area is among a series of blazes to have... Published 25 May, 2022 07:07am

Unequal citizens

INDIFFERENCE would have been bad enough, but the state’s attitude towards non-Muslims falls squarely in the... Published 25 May, 2022 07:07am

Marching in May

MORE unrest. That is the forecast for the weeks ahead as the PTI formally proceeds with its planned march on... Updated 24 May, 2022 08:18am

Policy rate hike

THE State Bank has raised its policy rate by 150bps to 13.75pc, hoping that its latest monetary-tightening action... Published 24 May, 2022 07:39am

Questionable campaign

OVER the past couple of days, a number of cases have been registered in different parts of the country against... Published 24 May, 2022 07:38am

Defection rulings

By setting aside the existing law to prescribe their own solutions, the institutions haven't really solved the crisis at hand. Published 23 May, 2022 07:49am

Spirit of the law

WOMEN’S right to inheritance is often galling for their male relatives in our patriarchal society. However, with... Published 23 May, 2022 07:48am

Blaming others

BLAMING the nebulous ‘foreign hand’ for creating trouble within our borders is an age-old method used by the... Published 23 May, 2022 07:48am

Currency concerns

IN the midst of the power struggle in the country, the rupee slid past 200 to a dollar in the interbank market last... Published 22 May, 2022 06:49am

Back in the game?

WITH the new government struggling to make crucial decisions independently, Pakistan’s ‘parallel governance... Updated 22 May, 2022 02:35pm

Shireen Mazari’s arrest

Abuse of power can never be condoned, regardless of who it targets or from where it emanates. Updated 22 May, 2022 07:37am

Bilawal’s defence

BILAWAL Bhutto-Zardari’s robust defence at the UN headquarters of former prime minister Imran Khan’s Feb 24 trip... Published 21 May, 2022 06:21am

Band-aid measure

A more pronounced impact would have been possible had the cap on energy prices been removed. Updated 21 May, 2022 08:21am