More mishandling

More mishandling

By its bad decision-making and weak management, the govt has allowed the TLP to garner more importance and heft than it deserves. Updated 21 Apr, 2021 09:03am

The digital divide

IN the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Inclusive Internet Index report, measuring internet inclusion in terms... Published 21 Apr, 2021 06:32am

Declining FDI

THE sharp decline in FDI in recent months is worrisome. New State Bank data shows that FDI has plummeted by a hefty... Published 21 Apr, 2021 06:32am

Gas utilities’ reluctance

THE government has ‘ordered’ state-owned gas companies SSGC and SNGPL to remove impediments hampering the... Published 20 Apr, 2021 06:50am
Media blackout

Media blackout

A free flow of information is the best way to counter rumour-mongering and fake news. Updated 20 Apr, 2021 09:31am

Saudi-Iran talks

EVER since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, ties between Tehran and Riyadh have been increasingly strained,... Published 20 Apr, 2021 06:50am

Vaccine shortfall

THE hope that the slew of Covid-19 vaccinations approved for use since the end of last year would vanquish the ... Published 19 Apr, 2021 06:17am

Cricket triumph

TEAM Pakistan have a number of reasons to rejoice after their 3-1 T20 series win over hosts South Africa on Friday.... Published 19 Apr, 2021 06:17am
Another package

Another package

Sindh has not seen much development worth the name during the PPP’s more than decade-long rule in the province. Updated 19 Apr, 2021 09:09am
Blocking social media

Blocking social media

FOR four hours this week, all social media platforms in the country were shut down, a measure the government said ... Updated 18 Apr, 2021 08:10am

More cabinet changes

PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan has reshuffled his cabinet yet again in what is obviously another attempt to shore up his... Published 18 Apr, 2021 07:19am

Peasant rights in Sindh

IN a seminar held in Nawabshah recently, the Sindh Human Rights Commission and Hari Welfare Association reiterated a... Published 18 Apr, 2021 07:19am

Energy exploration

SOME exploration and production companies want the government to prioritise offshore exploration — a high-risk... Published 17 Apr, 2021 05:37am

Pak-India mediation

QUESTIONS had been swirling about what and who has prompted the latest detente between Pakistan and India. Now, it... Published 17 Apr, 2021 05:37am

Professor’s removal

IN a step that will go far in sending a message of reassurance to female students and academic staff in ... Published 17 Apr, 2021 05:37am

Ramazan profiteering

WITH the month of Ramazan underway, people have begun to feel the effects of galloping inflation even more. Prices... Published 16 Apr, 2021 07:28am

Slow recovery

THE pace of growth in large-scale manufacturing output continues to slow down, with LSM production contracting by... Published 16 Apr, 2021 07:28am
Ban is no answer

Ban is no answer

The ban will not dilute the narrative that fuels the party, it may even fan it. Updated 16 Apr, 2021 09:00am

New census

EARLIER this week, the Council of Common Interests approved the controversial National Population and Housing ... Published 15 Apr, 2021 06:23am
Afghanistan exit

Afghanistan exit

Afghanistan has suffered for decades as powerful local players have refused to compromise and have insisted on hogging power. Updated 15 Apr, 2021 08:49am