Bulldozed bill

WHY is the Punjab government so keen on imposing dangerous legislation that would be unacceptable to any... Published 22 May, 2024 07:14am

Out of the abyss

ENFORCED disappearances remain a persistent blight on fundamental human rights in the country. Recent exchanges... Published 22 May, 2024 07:13am

Holding Israel accountable

ALTHOUGH the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor wants arrest warrants to be issued for Israel’s prime... Published 22 May, 2024 07:13am
Iranian tragedy

Iranian tragedy

Due to Iran’s regional and geopolitical influence, the world will be watching the power transition carefully. Updated 21 May, 2024 08:57am

Circular debt woes

THE alleged corruption and ineptitude of the country’s power bureaucracy is proving very costly. New official data... Published 21 May, 2024 07:29am

Reproductive health

IT is naïve to imagine that reproductive healthcare counts in Pakistan, where women from low-income groups and ... Published 21 May, 2024 07:28am
Wheat price crash

Wheat price crash

What the government has done to Punjab’s smallholder wheat growers by staying out of the market amid crashing prices is deplorable. Updated 20 May, 2024 08:49am

Afghan corruption

AMONGST the reasons that the Afghan Taliban marched into Kabul in August 2021 without any resistance to speak of ... Published 20 May, 2024 07:47am

Volleyball triumph

IN the last week, while Pakistan’s cricket team savoured a come-from-behind T20 series victory against Ireland,... Published 20 May, 2024 07:46am

Border clashes

THE Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier has witnessed another series of flare-ups, this time in the Kurram tribal district... Published 19 May, 2024 07:37am
Students in Kyrgyzstan

Students in Kyrgyzstan

The govt ought to take a direct approach comprising convincing communication with the students and Kyrgyz authorities. Updated 19 May, 2024 09:11am

Penalising the dutiful

DOES the government feel no remorse in burdening honest citizens with the cost of its own ineptitude? With the ... Published 19 May, 2024 07:37am

Property leaks

THE leaked Dubai property data reported on by media organisations around the world earlier this week seems to have... Published 18 May, 2024 06:54am

Heat warnings

STARTING next week, the country must brace for brutal heatwaves. The NDMA warns of severe conditions with... Published 18 May, 2024 06:54am
Ominous demands

Ominous demands

The federal government needs to boost its revenues to reduce future borrowing and pay back its existing debt. Updated 18 May, 2024 08:47am

KP tussle

THE growing war of words between KP Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur and Governor Faisal Karim Kundi is affecting... Published 17 May, 2024 05:46am

Uncalled for pressure

THE recent press conferences by Senators Faisal Vawda and Talal Chaudhry, where they demanded evidence from judges... Published 17 May, 2024 05:46am
Dangerous law

Dangerous law

It must remember that the same law can be weaponised against it one day, just as Peca was when the PTI took power. Updated 17 May, 2024 08:50am
Dubai properties

Dubai properties

It is hoped that any investigation that is conducted will be fair and that no wrongdoing will be excused. Updated 16 May, 2024 09:15am

In good faith

THE ‘P’ in PTI might as well stand for perplexing. After a constant yo-yoing around holding talks, the PTI has... Published 16 May, 2024 07:15am