Cipher inquiry

Inquiry will likely end nowhere, or, worse, be used as a tool of victimisation. Updated 04 Oct, 2022 08:30am

Further delay?

KARACHI Administrator Murtaza Wahab’s announcement that the second phase of Sindh’s LG polls — primarily... Published 04 Oct, 2022 07:24am

Losing to England

AFTER tantalisingly close finishes in the fourth and fifth matches against an England side visiting the country for... Published 04 Oct, 2022 07:23am

Dire situation

If there is any time for the civilian leadership to show unity, it is now. Updated 03 Oct, 2022 08:26am

An inexplicable delay

AFTER a flurry of activity a couple of months ago, geared towards filling the vacancies in the apex court — an... Published 03 Oct, 2022 06:47am

Russian annexation

AS Russia and the West play a zero-sum game in Ukraine, Moscow’s official annexation of four Ukrainian regions it... Published 03 Oct, 2022 06:47am

Fuel price reduction

ISHAQ Dar is back; so are his signature policies. The reduction of a little over 5pc in fuel prices announced by him... Published 02 Oct, 2022 06:49am

‘Geopolitical football’

THE US-China rivalry is by all measures one of the globe’s most dangerous competitions for power and influence. ... Published 02 Oct, 2022 06:49am

Spy games

The audios leaked so far appear to have been carefully curated: they apply pressure but do not do major damage. Updated 02 Oct, 2022 08:52am

Dasht-i-Barchi bombing

ON Friday morning, Kabul’s Dasht-i-Barchi neighbourhood was rocked by a terrorist attack targeting an educational... Published 01 Oct, 2022 06:27am

Farmers’ protest

SEVERAL hundred farmers have converged on Islamabad for the last three days to protest against the soaring costs of... Published 01 Oct, 2022 06:27am

Untruths and politics

It would arguably be in the national interest for the Supreme Court to take up the cipher and settle the matter. Updated 01 Oct, 2022 08:52am

Avenfield relief

Accountability cannot continue to be treated like a revolving door in which politicians can be shoved in or pulled out on a whim. Updated 30 Sep, 2022 09:47am

Dar’s plans

For starters, the country doesn’t have spare dollars to burn. Updated 30 Sep, 2022 10:45am

Another targeted attack

WEDNESDAY’S deadly attack on three Chinese-origin individuals in Karachi’s Saddar area demonstrates the threat... Published 30 Sep, 2022 08:44am

More leaks

Recent leaks look more like an inside job than the work of a foreign power. Updated 29 Sep, 2022 10:16am

A depressing winter

WINTER is on its way, with a massive gas crunch looming as elevated global LNG prices have eroded the cash-strapped... Published 29 Sep, 2022 07:14am

Great expectations

CONSIDERING that the Afghan Taliban have been in the saddle for over a year now, the UN has expressed frustration... Published 29 Sep, 2022 07:14am

The whole truth

THE war on truth has never been more relentless than it is today. Authoritarianism is on the rise and purveyors of... Published 28 Sep, 2022 07:21am

Real-world trolls

It's reprehensible how PTI supporters now seem convinced that politicians from opposing camps aren't entitled to basic dignity. Updated 28 Sep, 2022 08:53am