Pharma shutdown

IN the midst of an economic and political maelstrom, a fresh crisis threatens the availability of drugs in the... Published 08 Feb, 2023 06:02am

A grave tragedy

THE loss of thousands of lives in a devastating earthquake that struck Turkiye and neighbouring Syria early on ... Published 08 Feb, 2023 06:02am

PSL season

THE exhibition match between Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi at Quetta’s Bugti Stadium has set the tone for... Published 08 Feb, 2023 06:02am

No pardon for rape

Cultural filters and biases can often lead to faulty applications of the law. Updated 07 Feb, 2023 09:06am

Health insurance

THE planning ministry is reported to have raised objections to Punjab’s flagship universal health coverage... Published 07 Feb, 2023 08:01am

The people’s demands

AS the people of KP are literally on the frontline of the battle against terrorism and violent extremism, they are... Published 07 Feb, 2023 08:01am

Wikipedia ban

THE country was back in a familiar, dark place last week when the PTA blocked Wikipedia over the charge that it... Published 06 Feb, 2023 06:54am

Staying neutral

THE Election Commission of Pakistan has what is perhaps one of the most thankless jobs in the country. The countless... Published 06 Feb, 2023 06:54am

The Musharraf enigma

The Musharraf era holds numerous lessons for Pakistan’s ruling elite, civilian and military. Updated 06 Feb, 2023 07:22am

Kashmir reflections

ASIDE from Kashmir Day, which the nation is observing today as an official holiday, there are a number of other days... Published 05 Feb, 2023 05:36am

Grotesque bigotry

FREEDOM to profess one’s faith is guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan. However, for the country’s Ahmadi... Published 05 Feb, 2023 05:36am

IMF’s firm stance

Pakistan needs to complete the review to stave off a default as well as to unlock inflows from other multilateral and bilateral lenders. Updated 05 Feb, 2023 08:58am

Crisis conference

PTI's refusal to engage with the govt in such testing times will only be seen as sign of ideological bankruptcy. Updated 04 Feb, 2023 08:57am

Inappropriate remarks

OFFICIALS of the state, especially when representing the country at international forums, need to choose their words... Published 04 Feb, 2023 06:33am

Revenge politics

A SENSE of déjà-vu prevails as cases pile up against PTI politicians, many of whom, along with their allies and... Published 04 Feb, 2023 06:33am

Delay in the offing?

Govt must realise that political stability in the country cannot be achieved by extra-constitutional actions. Updated 03 Feb, 2023 08:46am

Divisions in PML-N

DISCORD and drama in PML-N ranks escalated this week when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi revealed he no longer holds a party... Published 03 Feb, 2023 07:50am

Wikipedia ‘downgrade’

ATTEMPTS to police the internet by states, often by giving opaque justifications for the action, are never a good... Published 03 Feb, 2023 07:49am

Mianwali raid

The military needs to share intelligence with civilian agencies to neutralise the militant menace nationwide. Updated 02 Feb, 2023 09:03am

Corruption unlimited

PAKISTAN’S consistent slide on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index over the last several... Published 02 Feb, 2023 07:48am