Row over NCSW

SOME matters are simply too important to play politics on. Protection of women’s rights is one of them.... Published 02 Aug, 2021 06:53am

Mismanaging LNG

PAKISTAN’S purchase of expensive LNG cargoes for the September-October delivery in less than three weeks after... Published 02 Aug, 2021 06:53am
Against their will

Against their will

Estimates indicate that some 1,000 girls from minority communities are forcibly converted to Islam every year in Pakistan. Updated 02 Aug, 2021 07:29am

No Olympic glory

FOR about 30 minutes at the Tokyo Olympics weightlifting competition last week, Talha Talib remained in the podium... Published 01 Aug, 2021 07:04am
Necessary lockdown

Necessary lockdown

AS the countrywide positivity ratio of Covid-19 infections crossed 8pc, Sindh imposed a nine-day lockdown effective... Updated 01 Aug, 2021 07:39am

Preventable E-11 flooding

THE flooding on Wednesday in Islamabad’s E-11/2 sector is deserving of the shock it has spawned. The flouting of... Published 01 Aug, 2021 07:04am
China-Taliban meeting

China-Taliban meeting

WITH the government in Kabul appearing to stand on very fragile foundations, and as the clock ticks down to the ... Updated 31 Jul, 2021 08:45am

Reduction in polio cases

AFTER the long and tedious efforts of those running the national polio programme, there are signs that Pakistan ... Published 31 Jul, 2021 07:09am

Outages in Makran

IT is no surprise that people in Balochistan’s Makran Division have of late taken to the streets to protest in the... Published 31 Jul, 2021 07:09am

Judge’s elevation

A CONTROVERSY roiling the legal fraternity for a few weeks has come to a head. It was precipitated by the Judicial... Published 30 Jul, 2021 07:19am
PTI’s Sialkot win

PTI’s Sialkot win

The PML-N’s internal duality is a particularly acute factor that is dragging down the party in electoral contests. Published 30 Jul, 2021 07:19am

Attack on Chinese

AN attack targeting two Chinese nationals in Karachi on Wednesday should put the security apparatus on alert in ... Published 30 Jul, 2021 07:16am

Saudi FM’s visit

THE Saudi-Pakistan relationship is decades old and has weathered a number of geopolitical storms. Of late, ties came... Published 29 Jul, 2021 06:46am

SBP’s high hopes

THE June spike in the current account deficit notwithstanding, the State Bank doesn’t look too worried about the... Published 29 Jul, 2021 06:46am
Joy and sadness on K2

Joy and sadness on K2

Pakistan’s mountains have a commercial value that remains untapped. Updated 29 Jul, 2021 07:26am
Renewed threat of militancy

Renewed threat of militancy

The only way out of a scenario that threatens the hard-won peace against militancy is to engage with the Afghan Taliban. Updated 28 Jul, 2021 07:25am

Door-to-door jab

THE Punjab government’s move to take its coronavirus vaccination drive to the doorsteps of people in five ... Published 28 Jul, 2021 06:33am

‘Hepatitis can’t wait’

WITH a large part of the world’s health resources diverted towards fighting wave after wave of Covid-19, it is ... Updated 28 Jul, 2021 12:01pm
AJK’s ugly elections

AJK’s ugly elections

All party leaders focused on insulting their rivals instead of talking about issues concerning the AJK electorate. Updated 27 Jul, 2021 07:35am

Refugee concerns

AS Afghanistan slips back into chaos with a rapid Taliban advance, the possibility of refugees spilling over into... Published 27 Jul, 2021 06:48am