THE efficiency of the CDA in Islamabad seems to be restricted to the red zone, Blue Area sectors F-6, F-7 and F-8. Other than that, they only concentrate on beautifying main arteries like 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Nazimuddin Road and Margalla Road.

New sectors like E-11, D-12, E-12, G-13 and even F-10 and F-11 are given stepmotherly treatment. It is probably because VVIPS and senior officials of the CDA rarely, if ever, visit these areas.

Roads and other infrastructural facilities in these sectors are depleted and need urgent repairs but nobody pays any attention.

The road which connects E-11, D-12 and E-12 and E-13 sectors with Margalla Road is a single lane totally depleted and without any streetlights. The traffic on this road is very heavy, probably as heavy as on main Margalla Road. Driving on this road is, however, a traffic hazard and very dangerous, especially at night.

The private housing societies of E-11 are responsible for the maintenance of the roads within their own areas but the approach road to E-11and D-12 sectors from Margalla Road is the responsibility of the CDA.

We have been hearing for the last two years that the CDA is making a dual carriageway connecting Margalla Road with D-12 and E-11 sectors and with Peshawar Road at Nicholson memorial but no progress is made from the Margalla Road end, which is more important because of heavy traffic here.

The incumbent chairman of the CDA, who enjoys a very good reputation, is requested to look beyond VVIP areas and help improve the pathetic state of affairs in sectors E-11 where a lot of retired civil and armed forces officers reside.

The CDA must immediately take notice of the approach road to E-11 and D-12 which branches off from Margalla Road. If the road cannot be broadened immediately, it should be properly repaired and carpeted and streetlights fixed on one side.

Immediate action is imperative to avoid life-threatening accidents and traffic hazards on this very busy road.


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Awais Tanveer (@4awais)
April 12, 2013 7:10 am
Have you ever been to I-9 or I-10? All pre-G sectors are way way better than them.
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