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THIS is to bring to your notice the torture that we, the citizens of Pakistan, keep bearing at the hands of VVIPs.

I was on board PK-308 on April 1 that brought Pervez Musharraf to Islamabad. The torture that we had to go through waiting for 30 to 40 minutes to get out of the airport cannot be explained.

To my bad luck, I live in Dhok Kazim, a place close to where the ex-general has a palatial farmhouse. That was another torture as on our way home we were interrogated by security personnel at every nook and corner.

This was not the end of the matter. Every morning when I am back home, we are asked to pull my car by the roadside, the driver and myself are interrogated and then asked to go.

There is absolutely no concession for women, children and the elderly. It is becoming increasingly humiliating to go through this torture. It seems it will continue so long as Musharraf stays at this place.

I don’t understand why the common people, the residents of any locality, have to pay for the security threats to one leader or the other.

A RESIDENT Islamabad

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Husain Jan
Apr 08, 2013 06:42am
Oh dear, don't you know that Mush saheb is here to "save the country". If our country is really to be saved then this much trouble has to be borne. The trouble will be over only when the country is saved. If ever this will happen is a different question.
Apr 08, 2013 10:14am
The best place to keep the ex-general secure is the Adyala Jail. What the courts waiting for.
Syed Ahmed
Apr 08, 2013 02:01pm
He is one of the authors of NRO. One of the major beneficiaries lives in the President House. A befitting place for Musharraf should be the Presidents guest house. Haqqani (accused) was also living in the Prime Ministers house.
Zamir Alam
Apr 08, 2013 02:28pm
Just Musharraf > My god . .Edwardian whats wrong with you .. My dear .. 90% parliament and full Cabinets belongs their . Need to build few gallows .. daily disposal for a a very long time. did you see KP list of provincial defaulters. Baluchistan ex minsters still dont want to return vehicles. and NA members dues for Hostel ..some minister were not authorized it but still occupy it.. Need Stalin style Gulags..
Apr 08, 2013 02:36pm
Why single out Musharraf? I deal with the same every time anyone comes and visits Karachi. Be it IK, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or the countless other useless politicians. So why bother with Musharraf only?
S. Tanwir Hasan
Apr 08, 2013 03:51pm
What court you are talking about and what yardstick you are using. Be fair why you want only one person in jail why not most politicians, some judges and some others including anchors of TV. PM is not corrupt or incompetent and if he removed Nawaz Sharif and tried to remove incompetent and self serving judges that every sane person in Pakistan knows, he did the right thing.
kulukku baba
Apr 08, 2013 09:33pm
Very bad. Hope the situation improves soon!!
Apr 08, 2013 11:09pm
Why all security personnel performing duties for Musharraf? This is tax payers money. Why Kayani is bent upon providing service to Aslam Beg and Musharraf?
Apr 09, 2013 12:21am
30 or 40 minutes wait is torture?you don't fly much do you.now tell us how much you were paid to write this whine.