THIS is apropos of the letter (March 2) by Riaz Akbar. I do not believe that the educational system could be reformed by introducing the semester system in all educational institutions of the country. This would not help research and development activities and we would face future challenges.

The writer urged upon the ministry of education to take initiatives for the same. This logic is not comprehensible.

After the 18th Amendment the ministry of education was devolved and its functions transferred to the provinces.

Education has now become the subject/part of the provinces.

The National Educational Policy (1998-2010) was announced in March 1998. It was an epic effort by the then prime minister and the federal education minister. It was also an honest effort by the education ministry.

Before introducing that policy, the ministry of education received 4,025 proposals from all over the country for promotion of education.

Some major proposals had been incorporated in the above-mentioned policy, covering Islamic education, physical education and sports, elementary education, higher education, technical and vocational education and innovative programmes, etc. Did we follow that policy properly and timely?

The present government has also introduced various policies for socioeconomic development of the country. Recently the Sindh Assembly passed the Sindh Higher Education Commission Bill 2013 but unfortunately some people of the Sindh HEC are against it. If we do not adopt the given policies and procedures, we cannot achieve some targets.

Higher education has paramount importance for socioeconomic development of the country and through quality higher education our country can prosper.

I request the authorities to pay proper attention to the education system in the provinces, including the capital territory and Gilgit Baltistan.


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