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SP arrested for fraud

ISLAMABAD, April 24: An SP of Police Lines Headquarters, Sargodha, was arrested by Margalla police in connection with a girl kidnapping case and fraud, police said on Wednesday.

The police said that the SP’s son, a student of A Level in a private school allegedly kidnapped a girl student of O Level in the same school in late March.

A kidnapping case was also registered with the police on March 28, in which the members of the girl’s family nominated the SP and his son, but the accused obtained bail before arrest to avoid their arrest.

Later, the SP submitted a marriage certificate (Nikah Nama) with the investigating officer of the case claiming that the girl had left her house on her free will and married his son.

During verification the certificate turned out to be forged, as neither the Nikah Khawn, nor the witnesses owned the marriage certificate.

The police said that neither the SP nor his son appeared before the investigating officer after getting the bails.

Besides, they also did not produce the victim before the police or magistrate for her statement.

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