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THE Sindh government claims to have given jobs to thousands of youths, but no one is [willing] to admit … how these jobs were distributed and how corruption was committed. [For example the way in which] grade I jobs of sweepers were given to white-collar [workers] has deprived the deserving people. In six taluka municipal committees of Sanghar district over 100 white-collar [workers] were appointed as sweepers, who are neither performing their duties nor is the administration concerned about taking action against them. Likewise, some 140 white-collar educated people were recruited as sweepers in district Dadu. … A number of them are drawing salaries without attending to their duties. The [situation] is also repeated in Jamshoro, Larkana, and Shikarpur districts.

The way rules and regulations are violated and corruption is committed in recruitment in this province is an open secret. But grade I jobs of sweepers, which were reserved for members of a minority community were also given to white-collar [workers]. This has deprived this minority community of … jobs. …

In Sindh thousands of people belonging to this minority community are working as sweepers on daily wages but [have not been] regularised. … The white-collar people … have no background of this field … and do not want to perform … sanitation duties. …

This has created a situation wherein no sanitation work is being carried out in different towns of the province and a health crisis is looming. …Such steps … [have] resulted in the outbreak of disease and spread of garbage in towns. … People are not getting civic services in their area … because of the government’s illegal and unjustified act.

The government should take notice of these illegal recruitments which have [resulted in the] collapse of the sanitation system.—(Jan 25)

Selected and translated by Sohail Sangi.

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