JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman. — File photo

PESHAWAR, Jan 1: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that 'forces' behind Dr Tahirul Qadri should stop playing 'such gimmicks' because the country cannot afford adventurism.

Talking to reporters at the residence of Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour here on Tuesday, he said that people who had left the country had returned and were now trying to deceive the nation by raising the slogan of 'save the state, not politics'.

He said Mr Qadri had once won a seat in the National Assembly and settled in Canada after his son lost an election. He said the purpose of criticising politicians was to derail the democratic system. “I believe that fear is being spread in the country to find an excuse for delaying the general election.”

If polls could be conducted in Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran, then why not in Pakistan, he asked.

The JUI-F chief warned that any extra-constitutional step could lead to anarchy.

He praised Awami National Party chief Asfandyar Wali Khan’s offer of peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban and said the time had come to implement a joint resolution of parliament passed in October 2008.

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Comments (16)

January 2, 2013 1:54 pm
Who's behind Fazl?
January 2, 2013 5:33 am
No wonder Maulana is keen that the political parties and government give in to the humanity to talk with murderers, he always has very soft heart for these terrorists.
Ram Krishan Sharma
January 2, 2013 5:41 pm
He looks like another warlord.
January 2, 2013 4:11 pm
one fool talking about another
January 2, 2013 4:05 pm
For a peacefull and viable Pakistan the Government has to talk to all parties concerned. Didnt Nelson Mandela also talk to the opressers of the indigeneous black community and reconciled the differences between the two, this approach allowed South Africa to move forward.
January 2, 2013 11:48 am
this guy is an apologist for the TTP, he thinks the attack on Malala Yousufzai has some justification, can you you take anything he utters seriously? people like this who opposed the creation of Pakistan should be dumped at the wagah border.
January 2, 2013 5:44 pm
None of these selfish politicians are worried about the security conditions in KPK , FATA , Karachi or Baluchistan. The only thing they are worried about is how to stay in power. In the presence of these politicians Pakistan doesn't need an enemy.
January 2, 2013 5:57 am
well said but we can't even trust you :)
Gerry D'Cunha
January 2, 2013 12:22 pm
does not one smell the rat in maulana's praise for ANP leader's peace talk with the taliban and critising qadri's peace march to save the nation. hyprocrates!!!!!!
January 2, 2013 3:20 pm
Yes, great point... Maulana obviously pays lip service to democratic values.
Capt C M Khan
January 2, 2013 8:50 am
Fazlur Rehman wants to talk to killers of 40,000 Pakistanis men,women and children...sickening.
Mushtaq Ahmad
January 2, 2013 8:49 am
Look who is talking ?
January 2, 2013 4:48 pm
Qadri himself said that he only assumed Canadian citizenship to take advantage of their free public health care.
January 2, 2013 4:02 pm
spot on, janan
January 2, 2013 8:00 pm
Talk and dialogue with TTP is the only solution. NO Country has ever won a war in Afghanistan. We have miserably failed. Our Gov't is corrupt, we are divided, how the heck are we going to fight militants? Better to talk to TTP and come to common grounds (of course) stop the Islamization.
A J Khan
January 3, 2013 7:36 am
He like other politicians are playing flute while Pakistan is burning.
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