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‘Eligible’ army officers

Published Nov 16, 2012 02:47am

I REMEMBER that when I was in Murray College in 1963, a defence forces delegation visited the college to select officers for the army, air force and navy.

Our professor of chemistry and English did not allow a number of students to meet the selection committee. He lectured that Pakistan also needed doctors, engineers, scientists, journalists, teachers, lawyers, businessmen and civil bureaucrats.

He told the class that English families were reluctant to give their daughters’ hand to soldiers because of the fear of seeing them becoming widows at a young age.

I am not sure what is the thinking of English families about army professionals but in Pakistan, the army, air force and navy officers are in great demand by elite families for their daughters’ hand.

During the last forty years, the army institution has become the most powerful and superior national institution. It is self-appointed custodian of Pakistan's ideology, security and national interest which is now being debated and challenged.

It is the first time in Pakistan's sad history that judiciary, an important state organ, has challenged the monopoly of the army establishment.

The Chief Justice has told army generals that they are government servants; thus imposing martial law and removing the political government is high treason. They have nothing to do with politics.

One retired COAS, five retired lieutenant generals and two retired major generals are on trial.

S. T. HUSSAIN Lahore

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Nov 16, 2012 10:02pm
time to audit military accounts
Nov 16, 2012 04:46pm
The army and its 'eligibles' should try to deliver on their basic job ie looking after the nations geographical frontiers and improving on its record. Civil matters, politics and nation governorship are too complicated for a regimented mind to fathom. That's why In all civilized, democratic advanced countries, the civil is ALWAYS superior to the service. And thats why today we are where we are! (and thats why these 'eligibles' are getting more eligible and our daughters more gullible!.
Nov 16, 2012 02:19pm
What is the point of this letter?
Faran Ali
Nov 16, 2012 01:04pm
No one is morally strong here in Pakistan. If any injustice has been done they should be tried be it Army or anyone. The Generals behaved so arrogantly and thats really bad.
Nov 16, 2012 09:30am
Proud of Pakistan army...I do my own reearch and dont fall in the trap of the false propoganda against our army set by our government and media! Jug Jug Jeooo Fauji Jawanooo!
Nov 16, 2012 09:52am
Show must go on. what goes around comes around