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Interior Minister Rehman Malik briefs media representatives in Islamabad after chairing a high level meeting regarding security during Muharram on Thursday. – Photo by APP

KARACHI: Chief Justice Sindh High Court Mushir Alam late on Thursday overturned a decision of the interior ministry which banned motorcycle riding in Karachi on the occasion of 1st Muharram on Friday, DawnNews reported.

The SHC CJ has ordered the Inspector General (IG) of Sindh police, the Advocate General (AG) Sindh and the home secretary to appear before the court on Friday morning.

The orders came after the CJ SHC was submitted an appeal against Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s announcement of banning motorcycle riding.

The application was submitted by the president Sindh Hight Court Bar Association (SHCBA).

Earlier, speaking to media representatives, Malik had said that due to terrorism threats, based on intelligence reports, no motorcycle will be allowed on the roads of Karachi and Quetta from 6 am to 7 pm on November 16. “No one will be exempted from this ban,” he added.

He said the ministry had intelligence reports that there is a terrorism threat in which motorcycles can be used.

The interior minister also said that displaying weapons in public will also be banned on Friday.

The ministry, in this regard, had also issued shoot at sight orders for those who are found involved in terrorist activities.

Moreover, Rehman Malik said that the government was also considering banning mobile phone services in both the cities and the decision in this regard will be taken on Friday morning.

Comments (37) Closed

KK Nov 15, 2012 08:27pm
CJ gets the credit for that.... Thank you CJ. KK
KK Nov 15, 2012 08:25pm
We do not need any Malik any more and his poilicies......
KK Nov 15, 2012 08:22pm
SAM, that all some poor people can afford.....
muzammil ullah khan Nov 15, 2012 08:16pm
There have been a lot of suicide bombings in cars and trucks causing the maximum damage. I recommand that Mr Rehman Malik should ban all transport , two wheelers and four wheelers, from roads during entire Muharram period. But then "suicide bombers" , in person , also cause a lot of damage So I recommand that Mr Rehman Malik should aslo ban all movement of "people and animals" on the city roads. KARACHI WILL BE SO MUCH SAFER !!
Eyes Wide Shut Nov 15, 2012 06:56pm
Mr. Rehman, you should have announced a holiday instead if there was such a serious threat. By imposing a single day ban on two wheelers, CNG and mobile phone services, people are hanging in between whether they should go to work, drop children to school and do their daily tasks.
Mohdudul Huq Nov 15, 2012 10:42pm
Very good decision for the country.
Salik Nov 15, 2012 07:05pm
I'm an average student and i reckon my take on this ban is somewhat similar to many others like myself. I have exams in just a couple of weeks and it is absolutely necessary that i attend my final lectures. Buses are not exactly 'safe' (kidnappings and killings - Bori band cases..but then again, what is ?) and rickshaws will most definitely charge steep fares. My only viable option, has been banned. I'd like to think of myself as a responsible citizen and i think i have been let down once again by the government that 'I' effectively chose. Instead of hiding behind this cloak of 'utilitarianism' why don't they simply admit that their ego is to blame for this mess. And to add top it all off, cell phones networks are being shut off too ! Ladies and gentlemen, we are progressing; and I am sure you know where this progress will lead us.
NAJEEB AHMED Nov 15, 2012 08:32pm
i appreciate and support CJ Sindh's decision against Interior Minister Rehman Malik
HM Nov 15, 2012 08:34pm
Correct decision by R Malik. Poor judgement by courts. God forbids if something happens who will be the culprit ... courts, Mailk, Govt. or what....????
nay sayer Nov 15, 2012 08:35pm
i wish u were one of the 4 million a motor bike users and u had to open ur shop far away from ur sweet home and buses wud nt help ur commute... and ur the only bread earner of ur house... sorry ... but see others who are only surviving
SM Nov 15, 2012 06:07pm
Many have criticized this move by Interior Ministry on twitter and other social media, but at least the government is taking some action to thwart the threats. No one wants any inconvenience to themselves, but god forbid should some ugly incident take place, everyone will be calling for Malik's head. Sacrifice, people, learn to sacrifice something every now and then for a greater good. If the inconvenience is so much of a trouble, then get up and do something about the sectarian cancer spread around by the Mullah culture courtesy of Saudi oil dollars!
Waqas Nov 15, 2012 08:12pm
I feel sorry for his intellectual abilities because he thinks ban on pillion, mobile connections, now on bikes would make this city safe and he's going to achieve his mission.Someday he's going to be severely sick (although he is right now esp mentally), I hope that day he'd shot himself down because he thinks those who expose to threats have no reason to live and eliminating the threat is not an essential task but to make those lives hell who are facing these threats daily. The people like him are making the general public who gets up everyday to earn their living, hell. And if anyone observe they are narrowing down the circle of a simple average man. No Gas, High Petrol Prices, No Electricity for average 8 hours in a day, no security of life, what else someone wants to hate these so-called politicians and ministers?
Cyrus Howell Nov 15, 2012 07:58pm
"... Round the usual suspects."
Hello1 Nov 15, 2012 07:10pm
Ban Malik for some time and see the difference yourself!!
Cyrus Howell Nov 15, 2012 07:55pm
It just goes from bad to worse.
Asfy Nov 16, 2012 03:32am
It is a wonderful decision. All we need now is Mr. Malik to be stripped of all his 4 wheelers as well as his mobile phone & any other communication devices. Then left on the street of Karachi to navigate back to Islamabad on foot. That would e a good lesson in ground realities and may save the nation from such decisions in future (assuming Mr. Malik would pass even Sohrab Goth on his way out of Karachi)
TKhan Nov 16, 2012 12:52pm
Mr. Ali, good idea, it will need lots of nursing homes and create thousands of jobs -, taking care of handicapped & chopped up rich & famous!
G.A. Nov 15, 2012 09:50pm
If I were CJ I'd ban all decisions by this Minister of Incompetence. He reminds of the bumbling Inspector Clousseau.
Sehrish Amber Nov 15, 2012 09:48pm
This is a clear violation of Article 15 of the constitution by restricting the Freedom of movement due to incapability of law enforcement agencies.
Maymar Bin Aziz Nov 15, 2012 06:40pm
This is not a sacrifice this is height of Idiocy, we literally witness criminals going with their business at free will, while police being a mere spectator, which shows they know what's going on hence just saving themselves ...........
KK Nov 15, 2012 06:31pm
Dear SM, We shall not be pleased with ANY or SOME. We shall be looking for actions which are long lasting and not which fits them but help ordinary people in the City. Once the Moharam over, do you wnat the criminals to go on lose again? He shall nip in the bud....find who is generating extreamism and they shall put them in Jail.
Sam Nov 15, 2012 06:32pm
Ali Hussain Nov 16, 2012 12:20am
I recently visited Saudi Arabia and despite being a critic of many of their policies noticed that their average day-to-day public security situation is very good. Nobody dares do anything wrong because the cost is so huge. For example, getting hands chopped off for stealing ..... A long term solution would be to punish by death i.e., publicly execute any terrorists that have been caught. After a few public hangings of terrorists, we will see a steep decline in activities leading to creating sectarianism in Pakistan.
Yaser Nov 15, 2012 07:33pm
SM ..... believe me ...God forbid if somthing bad happens even after this ban ..... Malik wil come on TV with smile on his face and will declare that they will arrest culprits with in 48 hours ...but the result will be the same far as "inconvenience" is concerned belive me whole country is in "extreme inconvenience" since firts day of this govenment...
Shehz Nov 16, 2012 03:07am
It's the govt.'s duty to provide security and peace of mind, but not by creating hurdles for the common man. The govt. always wants to take the incompetent easy way out; any common moron can think of banning the motorcycles. Provide more security is the answer, solve the challenge and be competent. If there is shortage then sit at home and let the policemen on their show case of a protocol to do their real jobs instead. Banning of phones and motorcycles isn't the answer. In a conference of morons, Malik will be elected chairman - unopposed!
ALTAF Nov 16, 2012 03:01am
Abdullah be realistic is this how countries are run by Govt...look at this incompetent govt already due to fuel shortages there is severe transport problem for citizens then there is ban on double there is ban on every thing well I think court must BAN THIS INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT because there is no governance.
KH Nov 15, 2012 06:12pm
Arrest the criminals hiding in diffreent corners not the hardworking people who wnats to go to your police will be focusing poor man who is not a crminal but wants to go to work and not focusing on criminals. Who made you such an authority?
Adnan Nov 16, 2012 02:48am
You have no idea how the legal system works. Judges give decisions based on evidence presented. It's the job of government to provide that evidence against terrorists. No witness, no evidence, no case.
KH Nov 15, 2012 06:16pm
How poor people would go to work in a city where you have insufficient number of buses and means of other transportation?
Irfan Nov 16, 2012 03:12am
This is so regretful how Malik is imposing his rule to the country, Salute to SHC for timely decision. May God gives us Good Government who feels some responsibility to public who gives them powers and Prayers to Almighty that our Courts gives prompt decisions timely like this one. The main thing is still Government is not resigning that they are unable to control terrorist and controlling poor citizens instead.
Hatim Nov 16, 2012 12:43am
Fair enough .. ask government to provide alternative transport to the poeple who are solely dependent on motorcyle ..Rehman malik incompetent decisions and planning are completely overlooking poor mojority who suffers alot..
Azmat Nov 16, 2012 02:12am
Does the government have any plans to cure the cancer of extremism other than banning motor bikes & cell phones? Why not ban the buses, the taxis & the rickshaws too ?
Syed Ali Asad Nov 15, 2012 07:34pm
Incompetent decisions by incompetent ministers.
abdullah shahid Nov 15, 2012 07:36pm
Dont know what the court is trying to do.. they cant improve their own performance, and they are creating hinderance in the govt's work.. i m not a supporter of rehman malik, but atleast he is taking some step to avoid terrorism.. i dare to ask the judges: why do u set the terrorists free?? and then blame govt for everything!!!
abdullah shahid Nov 15, 2012 07:39pm
and may i ask when these criminals get arrested who set them free??? where is the court then?? the so called honourable judges set terrorists free and then blame everything on govt!!! we are a nation that support every wrong thing.. rehman malik may b wrong but taking precautionary steps. Isn't he?
Sehrish Amber Nov 16, 2012 11:20am
We are heading toward stone age.
Cyrus Howell Nov 15, 2012 07:51pm
It is a ridiculous idea. Mister Malik is full of such foolishness. "Just doing me job", says he. What a genius.