PESHAWAR, Nov 6: Expressing concern over the prolonged military operation and curfew in their area, the internally displaced persons of Bara have decided to meet leaders of different political parties to devise a plan for resolving the issue through negotiations.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Tehrik-i-Mutasireen Bara chairman Suhbat Khan Afridi said that IDPs were unable to live in camps and with relatives any longer. He appealed to the government to end operation and lift curfew in the area.

Flanked by Sohail Ahmad Afridi, Ikhtiar Afridi and Umar Afridi, he said that a large number of people had been rendered jobless owing to closure of bazaars and markets in Bara.

Mr Afridi said that government should take effective steps for winding up the operation, restoration of peace and revival of business activities by announcing a comprehensive financial package for the IDPs.

He said that more than 500,000 people became IDPs in the wake of military operation while nearly 120,000 children were deprived of education. He said that 1,700 people including elderly persons, women and children were killed in the area.

Mr Afridi said that use of force would bear no fruit. He said that the issue should be resolved through negotiations. He said that a number of houses were damaged owing to shelling and bombardment during the military action.

The representative of IDPs also expressed concern over arrest of innocent people during the operation. He demanded immediate release of the arrested tribesmen and said that police should stop arresting people without any reason.

Mr Afridi blamed police for forcing IDPs to pay them bribe. He said that IDP families couldn’t move freely without bribing police. “Those, who refuse to pay money to police, are implicated in fabricated cases,” he said.

Mr Afridi said that authorities should take notice of the illegal practice. He alleged that some organisations were also minting money in the name of IDPs in Peshawar.

He demanded reopening of roads and bazaars and lifting of curfew in the area. He urged government to announce special relief package for displaced people.

Updated Nov 07, 2012 12:18am

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