Curbing crime through justice

Published Sep 24, 2012 02:34am

I HAVE lived in various countries in the Middle East and the Far East. After retirement, I am now trying to settle down in my country.

Terrorism and high crime rate have made the citizens miserable. Recently, I was watching news on a TV channel. There was a barrage of breaking news and none of it was for good reason. We see murders in cold blood on a daily basis as killers do not have any fear.

The law and order situation in other countries is different. The core ingredient of their stable law and order was based on a simple rule, that is, dealing with a crime with extreme seriousness.

Punishments are awarded by courts in a swift and unbiased manner. Awarding timely and strict punishments is the only way to deter rising crime rate in society.

On the contrary, in our country criminals and terrorists are getting freedom after going through the judicial process and coming back on the streets with more force and destruction.

In an era of judicial activism, I request law-enforcement agencies and the judiciary to step up their efforts and work beyond all prejudices and fears to provide some relief to the countrymen. Only arresting criminals will not serve the purpose.

ZAHID SOOMRO      Karachi

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Gerry D'Cunha
Sep 24, 2012 01:21pm
your article title 'curbing crime through justice' its a joke of the day. please visit the lower courts and you will find all sort of corruption from a peshkar to the judges - there is no justice for the poor man if he has no money to grease the palm of the judges. I suppose you all experienced this.