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Civil service in Pakistan

THIS is apropos of Hussain Nadim’s article on civil service in Pakistan (Aug 27). The writer tried to prove that the selection process in civil service is rotten and there should be some improvement in it.

I second his opinion, but there are some other focal points which I want to add. There must be pre-CSS analytical test. The selection of optional subjects must be according to the department or service for which they are competing.

Police service should have separate recruitment examinations like in India and the other developed countries.

Moreover, every occupational group has a separate examination. In this way, there will be selection of specific candidates for the specific service group.

They will compete on equal grounds for a particular service or group. Ultimately they will perform better in their relevant and specific occupational groups. The FPSC and the authorities concerned must look over it for the betterment of civil service in Pakistan.


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kamaljit Singh
Sep 10, 2012 04:26am
Separate examination for the police , if any, could not stop political interference in the working of the police in India. In the last assembly elections in Indian Punjab the Director General of Police contested for the assembly seat on the ticket of the then ruling party, though he was defeated. Now you can imagine the quality of decisions he and his force has taken before his test with the people.It is the school and the parents that shape the character of an individual .
Arif Arbab
Sep 10, 2012 07:05am
I don't agree with this, then will need more personel and invegillence for each department. There may also occour the factor of malpracticing.