Anwar Maqsood

Q. How did you come up with the concept of the track?

A. I know the head of LRBT as I visit the institution quite often. I have special affection with visually impaired people. I think vision is a treasure but blind people are better off than normal people are as they can’t see the terrible things we have been witnessing. Hence, I came up with the lyrics regarding the value of vision in our lives.

Q. What message do you convey through Hum Bhi Dekh Sakte Hain?

A. I believe that our hands become the vision for blind people. Vision is a gift from God and we should learn to value it.

Q. How beneficial are such songs for us as a nation?

A. Songs like these provide hope to a nation like Pakistan. Quite a few organisations have contacted me to write songs for cancer patients, etc.

Q. Are you actively involved in community service?

A. I work quietly. Over the years, I have been involved in many such activities, but I don’t like to mention them publicly. — S.S.

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