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Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit.—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit on Thursday said that a detailed statement would be made after results of a military probe on the Nato attack on the Salala check post are made public by US defense officials, DawnNews reported.

Pakistan has sought a full apology from President Barack Obama for the strikes, while US officials have maintained the November 26 incident was a regrettable mistake.

Speaking at a weekly briefing by the Foreign Office, Abdul Basit said a final decision on the restoration of Nato supply lines would be made by the Parliament. Moreover, he termed US Vice president Joe Biden's recent statement on the Taliban as "welcome words".

He said Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Afghanistan. Pakistan wants to further relations with Afghanistan on mutual respect and benefit, he said, and relations between the two countries will continue to strengthen independent of the influence of the other countries.

Speaking about the Pak-India bilateral dialogue, Abdul Basit said that talks between the two countries on conventional and nuclear confidence building measures would be held here next week from Monday.

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